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Gloucester At Dawn- Lat 43 and Fisherman’s Wharf 4:50AM 3/30/09

In this photo you see Lat 43 and Fisherman’s Wharf ‘s relatively new corrugated steel building in the background.   A fire in 1998 burned the former building to a total loss.

The Boston Herald, August 18th, 1998

An 80-year-old wharf in Gloucester Harbor was destroyed by a six-alarm fire, leaving more than a dozen fishing families wondering how they’ll survive.

“This is heartbreaking. The more we think about it, the more devastating it is,” said Jack Scola, one of the owners. “We’re glad no one was hurt, but the building is a total loss and now we have to start over.”

That was some fire.  I watched it from the other side at The Gloucester House and it was a nasty one.