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Fiesta Through the Eyes of the Little Guys

For anyone who has grown up in or around Gloucester, the St. Peter’s Fiesta has clearly served as the true kick-off to summer. But, it is much more than that. The funny thing is that the importance and significance of Fiesta has probably also changed throughout each individual’s life time depending on their age.  At times the religious celebrations have been of upmost importance… and later the rides. At times maybe the five day celebration was all about family… and later it was all about hanging out with friends.  At times it was about hoping to get a glimpse of that certain “crush” under the ferris wheel and years later it was all about air guitar at Old Timers or trying to cut in line at The Gloucester House. Still later, possibly you’ve come full circle, and celebrating with loved ones makes the Fiesta a time to truly be treasured.  At times the parade reigned supreme….and later, maybe the fireworks.  For many years playing on the beach during the seine boat races was more fun than actually watching them….and later cheering for a certain crew was equivalent to the Kentucky Derby.  The Greasy Pole has always been….well, the Greasy Pole.  Whether you love it for the tradition or the insanity, the sport or the absurdity….whether you watch it from Pavilion Beach or by boat in the harbor…there is nothing quite like it.

I’ve been there for all of them.  I have fond memories of the Fiesta that range from being a very young child, to a preteen, to a teenager, to a college student, to a bar-crawling 20 something year-old, to a “grown-up”, and now as a parent….who feels blessed to be sharing the experience with my own children. I have Fiesta memories that involve holding my grandfather’s hand as he guided me through the crowd and later memories of holding his hand as I supported him. I have Fiesta memories of holding the hand of long ago boyfriends and later Fiesta memories of holding the hand of my now husband.  Maybe the best memories are the newest….as just today, I held the hands of both of my sons while jumping from ride to ride.

So, as the mother of a 5 and 7 year-old, St. Peter’s Fiesta to me so far this year has been all about the rides, the games, and the food.  It is all about the color, the sounds, the smells…and the way they all seem to blur together.  While I may have desired to capture other aspects of this year’s Fiesta and I would love to get that “perfect shot”…..I have found myself enjoying it through my children’s eyes.

And this is how they see it.

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St Peter’s Fiesta Caps and Shirts From the Nicastros

Andrew and Marc Nicastro were at Strawberry Fest at Mile Marker One this weekend selling these killer Fiesta Caps and T Shirts printed and embroidered by Julie Lopes at www.shirtsillustratedsalem.com (Julie was also at Strawberry Fest with her husband giving out awesome aluminum water bottles with the shirts illustrated logos on them)

Anybody who’s anybody is gonna want one of their killer lids for Fiesta, check out their online store here-

Andrew writes-

Hi Joey,

Glad you liked the shirts/hats. The other day was the first time we brought them out so hearing some good comments was great for has.

We have an online store at http://st-peters-fiesta.myshopify.com and any press you’d be willing to give would be much appreciated.

Also, in about a week, I’ll have a fiesta mobile app done and if you’d be willing to talk that up as well, it would be huge for downloads!


Here are a bunch of images of the Fiesta Apparel we are selling this year. Thank you for posting this for us. Since this is our first year, we have no idea what to expect, sales wise. We really appreciate it.

If people don’t want to use the online store, they can call us directly at 978-810-0553 or email us at andrewnicastro@gmail.com

Andrew Nicastro





Tick Tock…

The Stage Is Being Set-

Within this trailer, the St Peter’s Fiesta Altar Is About To Become Erected Once Again To Bring On The Greatest Time Of The Year For Our Fair City.

Gloucester’s Superbowl- The Saint Peter’s Fiesta  2014 Edition- Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

2014-05-31 09.29.53


Mike Lindberg’s Classic Here (I don’t know why but I tear up every time I watch this)-

2013 Fiesta Fun Video: Crazy Hat Ladies & Greasy Pole Champs from Lisa Smith

Here’s an entertaining video by Cape Ann TV’s Lisa Smith that captures all sorts of 2013 Fiesta fun with profiles of the Hat Ladies and Greasy Pole Champs, plus a special appearance by Gloucester City Councilor Sefatia Romeo Theken .  ENJOY!

"Viva San Pietro" From Virginia (Frontiero) McKinnon

Hi Joey, Here is my Fiesta Story. The Heart of Fiesta: Prayer for our Fisherman.
My son, Hilary, actually had you  post my pictures before, but they are so beautiful,
I like to  look at them over again. Virginia (Frontiero) McKinnon
PS. My Father’s side Frontiero Family is having an informal reunion at the
Cupboard on Stage Fort on Thursday, June 11 from 4-5 pm
My mother’s side the Piscitello’s are having a Grand Reunion on
Sunday, July 14th at Stage Fort Park. My mother  was the first born of 11 children.
I will send pictures and an account of the Grand Affair Piscitello Reunion..


“Viva San Pietro”              Virginia (Frontiero) McKinnon 6/2013

Another Fiesta, another joy for Gloucester, starting with the nine day novena. I participated with my friends at American Legion Hall.
The ladies look forward to this annual event. Seeing old friends again. Rose Verga is the organizer of this pre-fiesta program. She reads a verse from the Bible, followed  with prayer to St. Peter for his intercession in keeping our fisherman safe, praying for our beautiful city of Gloucester and many prayers for healing, receiting each name of people in need of prayer.  We recite the rosary in Italian and sing our traditional Sicilian hymns .The service last for one hour. Renewing friendships over coffee and wonderful pastries each evening. On the ninth day, Tuesday evening our Pastor Father Kiley celebrated Mass. After mass our traditional  cassata cake was served. Our new St. Peter’s pins were distributed  Then the statue of St. Peter was taken down from the altar on the stage of the American Legion hall. We had a procession, chanting “Viva San Pietro,” all he way down  14 Beach Court  to Pavilion Beach.  After a dedication ceremony, the St. Peter‘s statue was taken back to the St. Peter’s Club on Roger St. On Friday evening the ladies  accompany the St. Peter statue in another procession  to St. Peter’s  place of honor on the altar in St. Peter’s Square.

So many memories and stories to tell of Fiesta’s in the past. I have seen 83 of the 86 fiesta’s, I remember seeing a group of fishermen wives and families seated in a circle on Commercial St., praying for nine days to St. Peter for his  intercession to bring their loved ones safely home from their fishing trips. proceeding St. Peter’s fiest day on June  29th. In later years beautiful ornate altar’s were erected on this spot. Every year an Italian man came from Boston with his sons and put the masterpieces altars together, mostly with paper, foil and pins. Each year the altar was different and took a month to erect. I have so many precious memories of 14 Beach Court, where my Dad lived before he married my mother. This was our family gathering place for Fiesta. My grandfather, Paul Frontiero and my Aunt Vincie made us all feel so special. Lots of cold drinks, cookies, sandwiches, everyone together having a good time. My dad had seven siblings, all had large families. I have lots of cousins. I loved watching the seine boat races on Pavilion Beach, the greasy pole, many contest for children, the procession on Sunday  and the fireworks on Sunday night.  Big set pieces fireworks on the beach followed by the American Flag display. Sometimes we would climb out my grandfather’s  bedroom window on to a little ledge for a bird’s eye view. Recently I looked up at that little ledge and wondered how all the kids were able to fit on that little ledge.

St Peter’s Fiesta 5K Race – Runners Faces at End of Race

The faces of the 5K Race at the Race. (Exhausted, Happy, Tired, Jubilant, Challenged, Proud, ect ect ect)

Find yourself or your friends, in over 200 faces captured as they approached the Finish line.

Good Morning Gloucester 2013 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Coverage


Could not be prouder of our team who once again just absolutely crushed it with this year’s Fiesta coverage.

You can forward this comprehensive Fiesta Coverage list to your friends and relatives who might have missed out on the fun.

Thanks for watching and thanks to our awesome team!

Massachusetts Municipal Association HarborWalk Award Mentions Part 5- St. Peter’s Fiesta HarborWalk Story Moment #1

Good Morning!

If this picture doesn’t give you wood you’re a despicable human being and I don’t want to know you.

It’s Coming! Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock

Just In From Gina Lampassi- Womens Seine Boat Race Eliminations To Be Held This Sunday at 1PM

Junior Women’s Seine Boat Vine From John McElhenny

Putting the finishng touches on the altar

Getting Ready For The Big Day!

Junior Girls Seine Boats

St. Peter’s Novena 2013 photos by Anthony Marks

St Peter’s Fiesta – The Set Up

This Is What Happens When You Row Seine Boats- From AmandaCakes

St Peter’s – Special People Start Fiesta

St Peter’s Fiesta Eve Comments From Gloucester Chief Of Police Leonard Campanello


Seine Boat Practice 2013

The workers are getting it done

St Peter’s Fiesta–Dedication 2013

Let The Fiesta Begin

Fiesta 2013

Wednesday the start of Fiesta 2013

2013 Fiesta..Wednesday From David Cox

2013 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Wednesday! From Thom Falzarano

2013 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Schedule Of Events

2013 St Peter’s Fiesta–5 K Race Start

Early Boats Get The Best Spots Photo by Anthony Marks

Fiesta on Thursday From Fred Bodin

2013 Greasy Pole Webcam Up And Running #Fiesta Baby!


2013 Fiesta Thursday Photos From David Cox

Joe Balbo and Joanne Frontiero’ Junior Girls Seine Boat Crew Xtra-Ordinary Eagerly Awaits Their Race

Live Fiesta Update From Kim Smith: Women’s Seine Boat Upset Rogue Wins!!!!

Fox 25 Live Chopper Video Streaming Of The 2013 Greasy Pole

Live Blogging- Junior Womens Seine Boat Race Underway- Vine From Kim Smith

Live Blogging Friday 2013 St Peters Fiesta From Peter and Vickie Van Ness

Video- Kyle Barry 2013 Greasy Pole Friday Winning Walk!

Junior Girls Seine Boat Crew Photos From Sista Felicia and Donna Ardizzoni

St Peter’s Fiesta – Marilyn Munroe enjoys Opening Ceremonies

Photos and video interview with Kyle Barry – Your Friday 2013 Greasy Pole Champion!!

Fiesta Faces in the Crowd

Friday’s Fiesta Fun

Live Blogging: Greasy Pole @ The Godfather’s Shangri-La Sat. 2013 Begins!

Live At Pavilion Beach From Kim Smith

Live Blogging: Zack Allen – Your 2013 Saturday Greasy Pole Champion!

Now that is a Fiesta Hat

2013 Greasy Pole Champ Zach Allen Grabbing The Flag Photos From Lowell Peabody

Girls Jr Seine Boat Races

Saturday 2013 Saint Peter’s Fiesta- Seine Boats Photos From Lowell Peabody

What a day on Saturday

2013 Saturday Greasy Pole Champion Walker – ZACK ALLEN!

2013 Saturday Greasy Pole Champ Zach Allen’s Winning Greasy Pole Walk Filmed By Kim Smith

Mass and the Procession

St Peter’s Fiesta – Fire. Police Dept. and Coast Guard Race

Greasy Pole Saturday Winner Zach Allen in Action

Live from the Greasy pole: Your Sunday Champ-Nicky Avelis!!!

Live Party’n from The Greasy Pole

Fiesta Wrap Up From Gloucester Ma Chief Of Police Leonard Campanello

Fiesta Hat Ladies In The Hizzouse!

Live from the Greasy pole: Your Sunday Champ-Nicky Avelis!!!

Good Morning Gloucester 2013 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Coverage

Sunday Greasy Pole Winner – Nicky Avelis

St Peter’s Fiesta – The Parade – Homage to St Peter

St Peter’s Fiesta – Saturday Evening on Main Street

St Peter’s Fiesta – Award Winners

St Peter’s Fiesta – Seine Boat Race – Final Strokes

Fiesta…Friday Evening

Beautiful Sunday Mass and St. Peter’s Procession

Fiesta..,Friday Sports at beach.

Fiesta Photos From Michael Miller

Standers vs Sitters On Pavilion Beach. Is There really any debate on this one?

Some of the Thrills & Spills of Sunday

St Peter’s Fiesta–5K Racers (Pre & Post Race) Faces

Prospect St. Rooftop

What a Fiesta

St. Peter’s Fiesta on Cape Ann TV TONIGHT Starting at 5


Greg Cook Fiesta Photos At THEARTERY ON WBUR

Video – 2013 Sunday Greasy Pole Walking for Loved Ones and Former Champs

Message to Greasy Polers and Organizers: We Cannot See Your Hilarious Costumes in the Enclosed Boat

From the audience’s point of view, the boat that is being used to transport the Greasy Polers is not as good as last year’s boat because it is enclosed.  We Cannot See Your Awesome Costumes. Last year an open floating barge was used and it was so so much fun to be able to see what you were wearing.

Clips from last year’s Sunday Greasy Pole have been borrowed, with my permission, by many other media outlets, including Chronicle and the HarborWalk story videos, in particular, the opening sequence.

We want to see your hilarious costumes. Please bring back the open barge!!!

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