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St Peter’s Fiesta 5K Race – Runners Faces at End of Race

The faces of the 5K Race at the Race. (Exhausted, Happy, Tired, Jubilant, Challenged, Proud, ect ect ect)

Find yourself or your friends, in over 200 faces captured as they approached the Finish line.

Good Morning Gloucester 2013 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Coverage


Could not be prouder of our team who once again just absolutely crushed it with this year’s Fiesta coverage.

You can forward this comprehensive Fiesta Coverage list to your friends and relatives who might have missed out on the fun.

Thanks for watching and thanks to our awesome team!

Massachusetts Municipal Association HarborWalk Award Mentions Part 5- St. Peter’s Fiesta HarborWalk Story Moment #1

Good Morning!

If this picture doesn’t give you wood you’re a despicable human being and I don’t want to know you.

It’s Coming! Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock

Just In From Gina Lampassi- Womens Seine Boat Race Eliminations To Be Held This Sunday at 1PM

Junior Women’s Seine Boat Vine From John McElhenny

Putting the finishng touches on the altar

Getting Ready For The Big Day!

Junior Girls Seine Boats

St. Peter’s Novena 2013 photos by Anthony Marks

St Peter’s Fiesta – The Set Up

This Is What Happens When You Row Seine Boats- From AmandaCakes

St Peter’s – Special People Start Fiesta

St Peter’s Fiesta Eve Comments From Gloucester Chief Of Police Leonard Campanello


Seine Boat Practice 2013

The workers are getting it done

St Peter’s Fiesta–Dedication 2013

Let The Fiesta Begin

Fiesta 2013

Wednesday the start of Fiesta 2013

2013 Fiesta..Wednesday From David Cox

2013 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Wednesday! From Thom Falzarano

2013 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Schedule Of Events

2013 St Peter’s Fiesta–5 K Race Start

Early Boats Get The Best Spots Photo by Anthony Marks

Fiesta on Thursday From Fred Bodin

2013 Greasy Pole Webcam Up And Running #Fiesta Baby!


2013 Fiesta Thursday Photos From David Cox

Joe Balbo and Joanne Frontiero’ Junior Girls Seine Boat Crew Xtra-Ordinary Eagerly Awaits Their Race

Live Fiesta Update From Kim Smith: Women’s Seine Boat Upset Rogue Wins!!!!

Fox 25 Live Chopper Video Streaming Of The 2013 Greasy Pole

Live Blogging- Junior Womens Seine Boat Race Underway- Vine From Kim Smith

Live Blogging Friday 2013 St Peters Fiesta From Peter and Vickie Van Ness

Video- Kyle Barry 2013 Greasy Pole Friday Winning Walk!

Junior Girls Seine Boat Crew Photos From Sista Felicia and Donna Ardizzoni

St Peter’s Fiesta – Marilyn Munroe enjoys Opening Ceremonies

Photos and video interview with Kyle Barry – Your Friday 2013 Greasy Pole Champion!!

Fiesta Faces in the Crowd

Friday’s Fiesta Fun

Live Blogging: Greasy Pole @ The Godfather’s Shangri-La Sat. 2013 Begins!

Live At Pavilion Beach From Kim Smith

Live Blogging: Zack Allen – Your 2013 Saturday Greasy Pole Champion!

Now that is a Fiesta Hat

2013 Greasy Pole Champ Zach Allen Grabbing The Flag Photos From Lowell Peabody

Girls Jr Seine Boat Races

Saturday 2013 Saint Peter’s Fiesta- Seine Boats Photos From Lowell Peabody

What a day on Saturday

2013 Saturday Greasy Pole Champion Walker – ZACK ALLEN!

2013 Saturday Greasy Pole Champ Zach Allen’s Winning Greasy Pole Walk Filmed By Kim Smith

Mass and the Procession

St Peter’s Fiesta – Fire. Police Dept. and Coast Guard Race

Greasy Pole Saturday Winner Zach Allen in Action

Live from the Greasy pole: Your Sunday Champ-Nicky Avelis!!!

Live Party’n from The Greasy Pole

Fiesta Wrap Up From Gloucester Ma Chief Of Police Leonard Campanello

Fiesta Hat Ladies In The Hizzouse!

Live from the Greasy pole: Your Sunday Champ-Nicky Avelis!!!

Good Morning Gloucester 2013 Saint Peter’s Fiesta Coverage

Sunday Greasy Pole Winner – Nicky Avelis

St Peter’s Fiesta – The Parade – Homage to St Peter

St Peter’s Fiesta – Saturday Evening on Main Street

St Peter’s Fiesta – Award Winners

St Peter’s Fiesta – Seine Boat Race – Final Strokes

Fiesta…Friday Evening

Beautiful Sunday Mass and St. Peter’s Procession

Fiesta..,Friday Sports at beach.

Fiesta Photos From Michael Miller

Standers vs Sitters On Pavilion Beach. Is There really any debate on this one?

Some of the Thrills & Spills of Sunday

St Peter’s Fiesta–5K Racers (Pre & Post Race) Faces

Prospect St. Rooftop

What a Fiesta

St. Peter’s Fiesta on Cape Ann TV TONIGHT Starting at 5


Greg Cook Fiesta Photos At THEARTERY ON WBUR

Video – 2013 Sunday Greasy Pole Walking for Loved Ones and Former Champs

Message to Greasy Polers and Organizers: We Cannot See Your Hilarious Costumes in the Enclosed Boat

From the audience’s point of view, the boat that is being used to transport the Greasy Polers is not as good as last year’s boat because it is enclosed.  We Cannot See Your Awesome Costumes. Last year an open floating barge was used and it was so so much fun to be able to see what you were wearing.

Clips from last year’s Sunday Greasy Pole have been borrowed, with my permission, by many other media outlets, including Chronicle and the HarborWalk story videos, in particular, the opening sequence.

We want to see your hilarious costumes. Please bring back the open barge!!!

Massachusetts Municipal Association HarborWalk Award Mentions Part 5- St. Peter’s Fiesta HarborWalk Story Moment #1

I’m going to break this down to one a day. It is in reference to the Massachusetts Municipal Association has awarded the Gloucester HarborWalk with the Kenneth E. Pickard Municipal Innovation Award in which Gloucester competed against 351 other communities and won.

Catherine Ryan writes-


Here are some of the story moment markers as they appear on ghwalk.org on line that the Massachusetts Municipal Association mentioned in their release for the HarborWalk award.

T.S. Eliot, Virginia Lee Burton, Winslow Homer, Edward Hopper, Greasy Pole St. Peter’s Fiesta

There’s content generously provided from many sources including Good Morning Gloucester contributors (Joey, Fred, EJ, David, Fr. Matthew Green,Sharon Lowe…)!

St. Peter’s Fiesta HarborWalk Story Moment #1




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