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Tasty Haddock Sandwiches…A Year Round Gloucester Treat!



This highly sought after fish sandwich is prepared many different ways in hundreds of restaurants throughout New England.  Each have their own recipe twist with batter’s, buns and tartar sauces.   Here in Gloucester just about every restaurant keeps it on their menus year round, and it’s commonly served in the homes of the Sicilian community year round too.   As a Sicilian cook over the years I consistently receive dozens of requests for my Fried Haddock Recipe each time I post fried fish photos on my Facebook, or Tweeter feeds, and yesterday was no exception. While my boys were out shoveling the snow mother nature kindly delivered to our area late Sunday night, I stayed in the kitchen  to  fixing them this fried fish and chip lunch and posted a snapshot on my Facebook.   For the recipe click see more… Read more