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A Powerful Evening of Prayer @Sista Felicia’s Night 4 2016 St. Joseph Novena





Part of last nights Novena Prayer Group



Novena Coffee Time!

The Dinning Room Table…The place where Novena history is made. Each night everyone gathers around the dinning room table for Espresso and Freshly baked sweet confections. We laugh, we cry and reminisce of St. Joseph Novena’s of our past. The beauty of our Altar is that it has drawn people together from several different families who like me grew up with this tradition from a very young age. The priceless stories shared about sitting on the floor in front of our families altars surrounded by dozens of cousins, listing to our grandparents parents, aunts and great aunts beautiful voices are all memories we cherish deeply. The stories have been shared many of times and they never seem to get old. Each and everyone one of us vividly remember learning how to recite the Sicilian St. Joseph Rosary, and sing all the Sicilian Novena Songs, at a very young age. To this day like we did as kids find ourselves singing the songs and prayers in our heads over and over during this time of year. Many of us never knew their was an English Rosary until we started Sunday School.   



Tanya Frost and Cousin Eleanor Tucker




Dee and Lainie Noble



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The Espresso Pots & Ricotta Cassateddi are ready for morning coffee time before we kickoff Pasta Day!

Flowers of the St. Joseph Altar



Hundreds of fishing vessels once lined the seaport of Gloucester years ago during the fishing industries prime.  Gloucester’s Fishing fleet was comprised of dozens of family owned day boats and several offshore “larger boats,” that fished the oceans for several consecutive days, and or weeks. It was customary for fishing related businesses and vessels to supported the deep rooted Sicilian Feasts throughout our city each year. The booming industry funneled money directly back into our community in many ways.  A a child raised in a Sicilian family with direct ties to both the fishing industry, and the feasts of St. Joseph and St. Peter I experienced the strong connections and presences each had with one another. Years ago there were over 38 St. Joseph altars throughout the city of Gloucester. Each altar was draped and surrounded by gifts of fresh floral arrangements, sent by the families who owned fish processing plants, and fishing vessels from the Gloucester fishing fleet. Often the arrangements were accompanied by gifts of fresh fish for the celebratory feast day and gifts of money to help the hosting families with the enormous cost assumed with the nine day novena. A few days ago as I was placing beautiful floral bouquets that had been sent from family and friends in front of our altar I found myself reflecting back to my childhood days in front of the altar of my Aunt Vinci and uncle mike Militello, on School Street. Their altar was always beautifully lit with candles and lined with a sea of flowers.  I’m sure everyone who experienced the beauty of the gorgeous ornate altars years ago, remember looking for their families bouquet among the sea of floral arrangements in front of the altars of St. Joseph, St. Anthony, and St. Peter and the strong floral fragrance that filling the air around the altar’s.   

With deep gratitude I thank my Aunts Eleanor Curcuru, and Gina Ciaramitaro and their families, for the gorgeous matching floral bouquets framing this years altar and to friends Frank and Barbara Ciolino for the stunning arrangement of Red Roses. The flowers smell heavenly and adorn the altar beautifully. I’m truly blessed to have the love and support of so many people. Thank you all for everything you do to help me continue our families St. Joseph Tradition.  



Viva San Giuseppe!

This year we decide to display our families’ Oar carried in the St. Peter’s Fiesta Parade in remembrance of my Paternal Grandfather’s Fishing Vessel

“The Benjamin C”


Live From The Ciaramitaro Family’s St. Joseph Altar



Sebastian McDonald Just stopped by to gift antique statues that once adorned the St. Joseph Altar of his deceased grandmother, Ida Lovasco. Sabastian shared his beautiful St. Joseph childhood memories with me while he unwrapped the precious figurines. We broke into song together as we looked through the delicate pages of an original copy of the pray/song booklet used annually for over fifty years at the Lovasco Family altar on Addison Street here in Gloucester. I’m honored to have pieces of another families St. Joseph Altar displayed on this year altar. I personally would like to thank Sabastian and the Lovasco family for their special gift! Our family with cherish them forever!
Sista Felicia



Today I’m overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support by family and friends. Three years ago this altar was constructed after a vivid dream. I woke my husband St. Barry from a sound sleep, to share my dream after having it six nights in a row. On that sixth night he handed me a piece of paper and pen and asked me to draw what I had dreamed. He glanced at my sketched drawing and said ” My Love, you only have 3 saint statues, that altar looks large, what are you going to fill it with?” I replayed, “I’m not worried about filling it, I have faith that the saints will find their way to this altar. Within the next 24 hours literally dozens of saints arrived at my doorstep, and fo the past 3 years they continue to find their way. Feeling truly blessed and honored. The vibe felt each night praying in front of this altar is amazingly powerful. 














St. Joseph Noveana 2014 Kickoff Night



I said it before and I will say it again, some of my fondest memories growing up were the times spent with family and friends celebrating the Feast Of St. Joseph.  Last night was amazing!  Two of my biggest mentors surrounding the Feast of St Joseph came to lead us in prayer last night at our family altar. Thank you Rosalie Foti & Sefatia  Giambanco Romeo Thaken,  for making the night extra special. Having you, Marie Silva, Jen Anderson, Ann Margaret & Francis Ferrante all in at the same altar was truly a gift . What a great warm up for the official start of the 9 days of nightly novenas beginning tonight  at 7:15.  It truly was a night that all who attended will always remember. 


Coffee Time with “The Godmother Sefatia”…If the photos could talk….



Thank you Parina~Godmother for making us laugh  you have a heart of gold and we all adore you!

I especially want to thank my dear friend  & GMG Contributor Craig Kimberley for filming last night…I’m sure he will be posting his amazing photography from last night on GMG soon.


St. Joseph Altar Construction


Last night’s construction project and preparation’s leading up to it

A Special thank you to my Husband Barry, son BJ, daughter Amanda, mother Pat, Aunt Gina Ciaramitaro, and Cumnares, Andrea Butler, & Christie Guarrasi DaSilva for all their hard work pulling this huge project together and making it fun!

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St. Joseph Day Preparations

Preparations are full underway at the Ciaramitaro-Mohan’s–just a preview of the wonderful San Giuseppe feast dishes we will be highlighting in our upcoming videos!

Felicia’s Macaroons

Oranges for the sweetness in life, lemons for the bitterness, and bread is the staff of life

San Giuseppe bread