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Preparing To Make The St. Joseph Pasta


christmas2011 391

Tomorrow is all about PASTA!  Family and friends of all ages, will gather in my kitchen early tomorrow morning to make “The St. Joseph Pasta.”  By the end of the day tomorrow all 100 Lbs. will be made and hung to dry for next weekends big feast.

The Semolina Flour has been purchased, and my husband, St. Barry is in the process of setting up the pasta drying racks.  Tomorrow we will be live blogging from the kitchen…details will be posted tonight at 8pm

rack 1 rack 2 rack 3

Feast of St. Joseph with Mary Parisi

Saint Joseph’s Feast is approaching in Gloucester and Mary Parisi is prepared. 

  I had the honor to speak to her and see her alter and talk about the Italian tradition in Gloucester during the Feast of Saint Joseph.

See Video below