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GMG FOB Catherine N. Gunn Shares St. Joseph Feast Photos!



One of the most beautiful traditions of  hosting a St. Joseph Altar, is the act of welcoming in others,  “who we refer to as Orphans” to join our families to celebrate the feast and all it’s festivities.  Several years ago Catherine N. Gunn was invited to join Crocetta Gropp’s  family and friends during their annual 9 day Feast Of San Giuseppe. They welcomed her into their families celebration and all it’s preparation’s with open arms, and she quickly became part of Crocetta’s core team. Catherine is one of many who help cook, clean, and entertain the hundreds of guests that visit the Groppo Families’ Altar each year.  I happen to know Catherine personally and she has shared her wonderful experiences of being at the Groppo family home over the past several years.  She has expressed how much she looks forward to this celebratory time with  her “adoptive Sicilian Family” each year!  As the  hostess of our families altar and this wonderful deep rooted tradition of welcoming people, I know exactly how  both Crocetta and Catherine’s heart feels sharing their devotion to St. Joseph together … Family, Friendship,  Food and Faith is a beautiful thing… Viva !