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St Anthony’s Feast the Sanfilipo’s

Angela’s story as told to Heather Atwood from the Blog “The Other Cape”:

Angela’s father was a German prisoner in WWII.  His mother prayed to St. Anthony for his return.  When he arrived back in their village, Angela’s grandmother vowed to always honor St. Anthony.  She continued celebrating the Feast of St. Anthony her whole life in Porticello.  Angela and her family now continue that tradition in this country

See Video:

Celebration with Friends and Family See Slide Show Below:

Celebration with Friends, Family and a smorgasbord of food:

St Anthonys Feast From Rockport’s Ted Reed

Ted Reed From Rockport has an impressive TV resume.

Ted Writes-

 I’ve worked in the Film and TV industry for over 30 years, starting at WBZ-TV, won 13 Emmy awards, and have lived in Rockport for 40 years.

He produced this trailer about St Anthony’s Feast In The North End for WBZ