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Fishing Boat mural in St. Ann’s Church

The Carole & Gary and the Sunlight

Continuing my series of posts of murals from the stairwells of St. Ann’s Church, here’s one of two fishing boats.  The names (updated thanks to a reader’s comment) are “Carole & Gary” and “Sunlight”. Anybody know to whom these vessels belonged?

Mural: St. Ann’s Band from Gloucester in the Tournament of Roses

This is one of a series of murals that remain in the stairwells to the parish hall under St. Ann’s Church (Holy Family Parish).  I am told that there used to be more murals, but some have been removed (and maybe some painted over, I don’t know). The ones that remain are in lamentably poor condition, but they are still fascinating, as they portray historical events, people, and boats of Gloucester. I’ll post a few more photos of these murals over the next few days. If anyone can identify themselves or family members (or their boats) in these paintings, please speak out!

St. Patrick’s Dinner with a performance by the GHS Docksiders

On St. Patrick’s day, the Holy Family Parish Women’s Guild organized a traditional Irish dinner in the hall at St. Ann’s, with corned beef, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, Irish soda bread, and (mostly green-frosted) desserts.  After everyone was served, the Gloucester High School “Docksiders” provided entertainment, playing a fantastic set including jazz, bossa nova, etc.  If you haven’t heard them before, look for an opportunity – they are really great!

We had a good turnout for the event, and everyone seemed to have a great time! Here are some photos.

Guild members served the buffet

Almost a full house

Fr. John Kiley with friends from his previous parish

The Docksiders provided excellent music.

Part of the sax section

Various of the musicians got the opportunity to shine playing solo parts within their section. They all did a great job!

The evening ended with a 50/50 raffle. Here we have the happy winner.

More photos are on my Flickr photostream in my Holy Family Parish set.

We can all use some hope…

…which is represented by an anchor in Christian iconography.  Nice nautical imagery for a stained glass window in Gloucester. I expect we’ll be hearing a lot about hope as this election year goes forward.

"Spes" means "Hope" in Latin

Wherever you find your hope, share it with someone who needs it.  Hope grows when we share it, and the more people are inspired by it, the better chance it has of coming true.

Architectural detail in St. Ann stained glass window

Another detail from a stained glass window in St. Ann’s Church in Gloucester (part of Holy Family Parish).

We usually focus on the people and events in the window and can easily overlook the wonderful attention to detail in the backgrounds…

Eventually I hope to photograph the stained glass windows in other churches in Gloucester. Any suggestions of churches with really great windows besides St. Ann’s?

Merry Christmas!

The parish choir (directed by Tom Misuraca) sang before Mass yesterday night, offering a sort of recap of the Christmas concert held earlier in the month.  Here are some highlights.

Unfortunately, in one or two places there is a little bit of feedback in the microphones which mixes with the higher frequencies in the music and makes it sound a little off-pitch, but the choir sounded great.

Christmas is almost here…

Remember, it doesn’t arrive until the night of the 24th, and then it lasts until January 6th, store decorations and radio playlists notwithstanding.

So, our nativity scene in front of the rectory at St. Ann’s church (part of Holy Family Parish) is still waiting for the arrival of the Baby Jesus. Right now there are flowers in His place.

Fr. Ronald J. Gariboldi to Celebrate Golden Jubilee

Fr. Ronald J. Gariboldi to Celebrate Golden Jubilee

On Saturday February 5th Fr. Ronald J.  Gariboldi will be celebrating 50 years as an ordained priest begining with a Jubilee Mass to be celebrated at St. Ann Church, Holy Family Parish at 4:00 PM.  Following the Mass there will be a reception at 6:00 PM at the Gloucester House Restaurant.  All are welcome to attend the Mass, however there are a limited number of tickets for the reception. Tickets for the reception are available at Holy Family Parish Office on Pleasant St, or by calling 978.281.4820.

Photo:  Rev. Timothy Harrison, Rev. Ronald Gariboldi, His Eminence Sean Cardinal O’Malley

Hoping you can get this out in the next week or so.  Thanks!  Mary Howard


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