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Mikey Wins Plastic Head on Small Animal Photo Contest!

Mandy Leone Moffett on behalf of her son Mikey submitted three photos of “Squirrel With Plastic Horse Head”.

Contest rules here.

hungry squirrel acting like a horse's patoity

That is an actual Cape Ann Grey Squirrel wearing a plastic horse head. No details but I have a feeling there is some Gloucester Market Basket Jiff Peanut Butter inside that squirrel head.


Maybe some peanuts over here.


Smuckers Grape jam would be nice. With a name like Smuckers, it’s got to be good for a squirrel.

Contest rules state that entries had to be photographed in March and sent in on April 1st. So Mikey wins first second and third place. That makes three Rubber Ducks which Mikey can pick up down at Joey’s Dock or at the next GMG Mug Up.

If there are any late entries there might be consolation prizes.

Well played Mikey, well played.