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Blue Tinted Lobster

Dave Jewell brought in this blue tinted lobster.  It isn’t nearly as blue as some of the other ones we’ve got in the past but I thought I’d throw the pic up anyway to add to the collection.  To see the mutated lobster and crab slide show click this text

Blue Tinted Lobster, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Spotted Lobster

Mark Ring caught this spotted lobster yesterday.  We rarely get them. Probably 2-3 a year with this type of markings.  Less often than a blue one or albino one.  If anyone wants to come take a peek at it or photograph it I’ll leave it in the tank through the weekend.  Bring the kids down, they love this kind of stuff and I’ll even throw in a demonstration on how you can tell the difference between a male and female lobster.  You might even get to see a lobster boat get unloaded.

You can view this slide show of unusual lobsters that I’ve photographed over many years here at our dock in Gloucester Ma, by clicking this text

Video coming at 2PM

Spotted Lobster, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Updated Freaks Of The Lobster And Crab World Slide Show

There are controls to pause the pictures of go directly to the album by clicking on the slide show.

This is an updated version of the old “Freaks Of The Lobster and Crab World Slide Show”.  I doubt anyone else  has a collection of pictures that they’ve taken first hand of this many mutations.