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HOLY CRAP!  Mid-shower, shampoo in hair, and caught a glimpse of this sucker running up the shower curtain!

Now look, I’m no fool…I’m not going to pretend that this hairy little arachnid wasn’t equally as horrified about running into me in the shower as I was about running into him, but the chances of him biting me are still much greater than me biting him.

Not many things make my skin crawl…but, this guy did.  Call me a wuss, but I’ve eaten termites in the rainforest, stepped on the tail of a monitor lizard that was running out of my bathroom in Africa, and have shoveled bait and dressed big blue fins at the tuna wharf for several summers.  That having been said, I’ll be checking under my sheets and sleeping with one eye open for a while thanks to this gruesome little monster.  Yikes.


What Kind of Spider is this??????


After the many weeks of research I have finally purchased a new SMALL camera, This is one of the 1st taken with the Sony NEX7 and a Sony E mount 50mm 1.8 lense.  The lense is not a macro so all close up is a result of cropping.   There are no exposure or color adjustments, only a crop!