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Are You Ready for Earth 2.0? It’s Out There!

Well, it’s pretty far away, but it’s still out there! If you didn’t know, I’m a huge space geek. I absolutely love this type of discovery, and all it conjures up! So, do you believe that other life is out there? Are we just one spec of  life-form compared to the bazillion galaxies that share our universe? Have you ever “seen” anything that you can’t explain? Feel free to click the link below and watch the video, and make sure you share your voice with the poll just below.  And by all means, slap some feedback if you want to get deep, or just share some of your sightings or ideas on the subject of ALIEN LIFE!


kepler-186f-perspective habitable-zone-exoplanets-131210b-02 diagram-kepler-186f

Looks like we may have friends out there after all.

(all photos and videos courtesy of SPACE.COM)