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Major Media Sports Reporters Are Seriously Retarded

I’m not a LeBron James Fan or a fan of the NBA in general but to fault LeBron for signing a long term contract with Miami instead of staying in Cleveland fucking Ohio is ridiculous.

These sports reporters I’m listening to on the radio calling him a coward for not staying in Cleveland have got to be off their rockers.  The guy already makes more money than he will ever spend so in my opinion even if Miami offered him 10 million less a year I’d go play for the Heat.   Seriously.  They aren’t going to give you those years of your life living in Cleveland back when you are laying on your death bed.


Downtown Cleveland


South Beach Miami

Edited 6:15AM Monday Morning- I guess it’s not just major media sports reporters.  I just read Jim Munn’s Take In The Gloucester Daily Times Here

Hanging Over My Desk

When on vacation in Miami long before the children had arrived the Mrs and I were taking a walk down Lincoln Road mall- an outdoor pedestrian walkway where many artists and restaurants and shops had set up.  Down the center stroll of Lincoln Road Mall there are water fountains and they have artisan fairs on the weekends and all other sorts of events there.  It’s a short walk from Ocean drive and South Beach.

Well during our walk there happened to be a sort of artisan flea market going on and the embroidered “Booze Is The Only Answer” piece you see in the picture was sitting on this woman’s table for sale.  It had no price tag and truthfully I thought it was so funny that I would have paid quadruple the price that the woman asked for it of $25.  It has been sitting over my head behind my desk for quite a few years now.


Wish Restaurant Centerpiece At The Hotel South Beach Miami

The Mrs was impressed by the simplicity and elegance of this Centerpiece at Wish Restaurant in The Hotel at South Beach.  If y’all ever get an invitation for a dinner party at our house don’t be surprised to find the very same style centerpiece on the table.

Old School vs New School- You Decide

Old School South Beach- The Winter Haven Hotel

Winter Haven Hotel, South Beach Miami, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

New School South Beach -Il Villagio




Fashion Victim Clothing

There were countless stores along Washington Street and around South beach selling this type of club wear fashion.   Certain young guys can pull it off in the right setting but to me 99.9 percent of the guys wearing clothes like this are tragic fashion victims.  The kind of fashion victims like the guys in the eighties that wore parachute pants and had flock of seagull haircuts.

The absolute worst though is when you see forty year old white guys trying to pull this look off.  Every time we would walk by one I’d squeeze The Mrs’ hand and she would know exactly what I was thinking- “Fashion Victim”

Note to all you guys out there- Flaps on the back of your jeans pockets and rhinestones=bad.  Don’t be another victim.

Fashion Victim Clothing, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Outdoor Dining On Ocean Drive

I was reading a book about the revitalization of South Beach and it said a big part of that revitalization was the widening of the sidewalks to accommodate the outdoor dining.  The Block Parties last summer were a testament to how great a scene it was when we allowed the restaurants this ability.

Outdoor Dining On Ocean Drive, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

South Beach Miami


South Beach Miami, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


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