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Meet Rambo, the world’s first octographer! She lives at The Sea Life Aquarium in New Zealand. After first destroying numerable cameras, once the team secured the camera, she learned how to take a photo in just three tries. Her trainer said that, on average, it would have taken a dog ten repetitions and a cat about twenty!

The photos cost $2.00 and the proceeds go towards octopus habitat protection.

Octopus photos ~

octographer-photooctopus photo


#octographer photos courtesy Google image search.

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Comsos 12 ©Kim Smith 2014 copy

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Captain Joe and Sons Forktruck Study In Black and White

click the photo for the slide show


Some may scratch their heads and wonder why anyone would want to take pictures of a greasy, rusty old forktruck.  Others may find some beauty in the images.

All in the eye of the beholder.

It was fun messing around focusing on different parts of the machine and using the light streaming through the front door of the dock to create shadows and highlight what I wanted highlighted.

Taken with the new Sony NEX-5N