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Song of The Sea -Get Your Tickets!

Wondrous Friends and Relations:

Please come out to see Willa (and Lila, Rebecca, Asha, and a whole cast of locals!) in Song of the Sea. Willa and her friends wrote the play last winter and now have starring roles!

The suggested donation for tickets is $15 per person. I encourage you to pay what you can or what you feel is appropriate, especially for those with kids! If you can or want to pay more then please do – It makes it possible for others who cannot pay full price to attend. Either way – Just come! Also, the tickets are considered a donation so they are tax deductible.

There are 12 shows! Help us fill the seats! It’s going to be a great show!

Thanks – Lara



We talked about this way back when they started putting the show together, now it’s time to go check out the fruit of their labor

We filmed this talking about the beginning stages of production on the 16th of March.

Here is the cast and crew from Henry Allen-

Here is the rest of the cast/crew list for ‘Song of the Sea’, if you want to post it. It has been a wonderful collaborative effort!
Narrator Rose Worthley – Sara Wheeler
Old Lunch Lady Loretta Worthley – Bebe Nelson
Child Loretta – Willa Brosnihan
Girl Loretta – Lila Olson
Young Loretta – Patrice Kelly
Old Lunch Lady Malvina Worthley Murse – Jennifer Lee Levitz
Girl Malvina – Bella Eaton
Lunchroom Kids:
Carla – Shannon Kelly
William – Scott Brown
Sam – Ivan Demarjian
Xavier – Enzo Paganetti
Esperanza – Maeve Plueler
Maleyah the Selkie – Rebecca Dowd
Pirate Mr. Rodgers – Richard Crowell
Mermaid Child – Asha Egmont
Mermaid Queen – Melissa Martin
Composer – Derek Dupuis
Music Director – Ben Patey
Art Directors – Shay Cajolet & Loren Doucette
Sets & Puppets – Students of the Gloucester Community Arts Charter School
Costumes & props: Parents
Production Manager – Nick Neyeloff
Technical Director – Richard Crowell
Assistant Lighting Director – Ramani Rangan
Stage Manager & Makeup – Nicola Scola
Director – Henry Allen

The Shanty of the Lunch Ladies (or Beans and Squash and Cheese)

Willa Brosnihan, Gwynne Fosberg, Morgan Phippen, Lila Olson, & Rebecca Dowd: The talented writers of Song of the Sea, perform their first song written for the show, “The Shanty of the Lunch Ladies ( or Beans and Squash and Cheese).” Set for production in October, 2011, Song of the Sea will feature an intergenerational cast at Henry Allen Theatreworks at The Cape Ann!


Song of the Sea: the first original work of Henry Allen TheatreWorks’ Young Playwrights Series.

Song of the Sea: the first original work of Henry Allen TheatreWorks’ Young Playwrights Series. Here some of the young playwrights, in the early stages of the development of their show, discuss the general theme and how they are enjoying working with Mr. Allen. You can read the full synopsis of the show at www.TheCapeAnn.org Registration is still open for this workshop, so contact Henry Allen TheatreWorks to join! info@HenryAllen.org