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Fish on Fridays

The Fish on Fridays series is a collaboration between Gloucester photographers Kathy Chapman and Marty Luster. Look for various aspects of Gloucester’s centuries-old fishing industry highlighted here on Fridays.

This week we look at flounder. The F/V Padre Pio  and F/V Marie G.S.‘s catch is filleted at Steve Connolly Seafood.

Sole is similar flounder. From ehow: “Both fish are flat, with both eyes on one side of their face so they can hide on the ocean floor and watch for prey. While both are oval in shape, flounder is more rounded. They are two separate species with slightly different looks and tastes.”

And from Asian Recipes Blog: “There are many species of sole and flounder, all flat fish with tiny scales and a white belly. The newly hatched fish have one eye symmetrically on each side of the head. When they grow to 2 cm long, one eye begins to move towards the top of the head, then crosses to the other side to lie adjacent to the other eye. As this happens, the pigment on the opposite side becomes lighter and turns almost white.

Both sole and flounder have a gill cover with another bone in front of it. In a sole these are joined together; in a flounder they are separate and you can insert your fingernail between them.

Both varieties of fish have white, soft flesh with a very fine flake, on a fine-boned skeleton. In most recipes, whether they are used whole or as fillets, sole and flounder are interchangable.”


FlounderatConnollyVideos and photos © Kathy Chapman 2013

Gloucester Seafood Display Auction- Grey Sole

Here’s some grey sole at the Gloucester Seafood Display Auction.

Within the first couple of years with my wife we were sitting at her parents house and somehow the topic of fish came up.  My mother in law told me she didn’t like flounder, but she loved sole.  I told her that sole is a flounder.  There’s a lot of people who don’t really know their fish.  I must admit as much fish as I’ve eaten in my lifetime if someone fried a fresh haddock or a cod fillet I’d have a hard time distinguishing the difference (and I’ve eaten tons).
My personal favorite types of fish in order of preference- fried whiting, baked haddock with the breadcrumbs, raw tuna, fried grey sole or yellowtail flounder, sockeye salmon.
Favorite shellfish- The Mrs’ Lobsterolls, steamed lobster with bernaise dipping sauce, baked stuffed littlenecks with my mothers’ stuffing recipe, Mexican Campeche brand shrimp with cocktail sauce, fried clams, mussels fra diavolo (extra spicy).
Look for part two of the video from the Gloucester Seafood Display Auction at 8AM