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GloucesterCast 164 With Guests @Jeannine_Oneil Leslie Heffron @KimSmithDesigns and Host @Joey_C Taped 12/20/15

GloucesterCast 164 With Guests @Jeannine_Oneil Leslie Heffron @KimSmithDesigns and Host @Joey_C Taped 12/20/15

Topics Include:
jeanine o’neil JO Social Branding Owner Check out her blog here

beverly up and coming

bj going to syracuse

kim is broken

missing lady

done with christmas shopping

TBT Post, surfari,nelsons, kim maritime heritage center,

leslie hit up seaport grill for men’s night
lat 43 nye gloucester ed foundation

instant read digital thermometers

Ohana Rocked
passports $50 get a $10 gift card

yankee swap strategy

leslie heffron art run down

“Holiday Arts and Crafts Festival”
The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck
6 Wonson Street
Saturdays & Sundays, 10AM -6PM
Don’t Miss the Final Party!
Yankee Swap
Sunday, December 27
“Eye See” Photography Exhibit
Works by Elizabeth Enfield
Addison Gilbert Hospital Lobby
Now through January 1, 2016
Open 24 hours daily
“Tis the Season”
New paintings at the Central Street Gallery
now through February 1st
11 Central Street
Manchester-by-the Sea



Jeanine O’Neil photo by Leslie Heffron


Jeanine O’neil photo by Leslie Heffron

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


Can we talk about what exactly a “Spoiler Alert” is? Seriously!

When a show airs in real time, when it is over, it is to be discussed. BUT NOOOO instead i’m blamed for a SPOILER ALERT! How can it be spoiled if it already aired? Was i supposed to put a big sign that says:

“Spoiler alert: if you didn’t watch Grey’s Anatomy don’t read further, i’m about to talk about McDreamy dying!”

If you are gong to DVR the show that you know is going to be very suspenseful


Seriously, is it just me?


To date or not to date? That is the question.


Kids do not come with an instruction manual and it does not get any easier when they are teenagers! Teenagers who want to date! I would like to say to my daughter, you can date when you are 30! (actually I do) I guess it’s a part of growing up, the whole dating and crush thing in high school. We’ve all been there but when it comes to your own kids frankly it just sucks.

It’s no secret that the world we live in today is NOT the same world from even 15 years ago.
Social media and texting just came into play when I graduated high school so I cannot imagine having the outlets these kids have today. Texting, Facebook, Instagram, email etc. the list goes on and on. Have you read what these kids are texting each other when they are dating? Have you seen the pictures these kids are posting when they are dating? Trust me I’ve seen my fair share and more than I want.

What I have seen in my time as a mother is the kids who are dating have parents that are older, as in 50’s and 60’s with a teenager.  It’s the younger parents I see that are more hesitant to let their kids date. Why do you think that is? Is it because the older parents are out of touch with social media as opposed to the younger parents who are also on social media and can monitor their kids? There may be no real answer as to what age you should let your teenager date but there are definitely some factors we have today that were not there some time ago.



GloucesterCast With Guest Ryan Pinkham and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/12/14

gloucestercastsquare11 (1)

GloucesterCast With Guest Ryan Pinkham and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 4/12/14


Topics Include: Tech Mogul Ryan Pinkham, Pleasant Street Tea and Coffee Co, Content Developer For Constant Contact, Northeastern Coop Program, Constant Contact Social Media Blog, What Makes A Good Social Media Campaign and What Are Some Of The Mistakes People Make, Sista Felicia Using Social Media, Coveted Yarn, Always Try For A Win/Win, Not Pitching 24/7, Blue Lobster Marketing, Marshall’s Farm Stand Farm Animals, Selling An Experience, The Franklin, Katrina’s Bang Bang Shrimp, Magnolia Spring Art Show, Minglewood Tavern, Lobster Land, Lobster Pool BYOB, Tacos Lupita Roast Pork Burrito, Dogs On The Beach Controversy, Trash Barrels On California Beaches vs Carry In/Carry Out, Burnham’s Field Neighborhood, John McElhenny, Steven Colbert Gets Letterman Job A Week After Suey Park Controversy, Landlines/Web TV and People Under 30, What % Of People In Gloucester Still Pay For Cable, 01930, Gloucester MA

The GloucesterCast Has Been Been Invited To Be A Station On Stitcher Radio On Demand!

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About Our Guest Ryan Pinkham:

Read His Useful Social Media Tips Here At Constant Contact 

Ryan Pinkham

I’m interested in helping small businesses and non-profits recognize their full-potential through marketing and social media. I want to hear your story and learn the creative and innovative ways that you’re marketing your business. I’ve worked in small businesses my entire life and now I’m excited to work with them!

GloucesterCast Taped 4/28/13 With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Alicia DeWolfe

GloucesterCast 4/29/13 With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Alicia DeWolfe

Click to listen- With Host Joey C and Guest Alicia DeWolfe

Topics Include:

2:10 St Ann’s School Closing

5:38 O’Maley School Theater

9:42 Good Harbor Beach Footbridge Poll

13:00 Mayor Kirk

18:30 Coffee Roll Or Cannoli

20.25 Styrofoam Cups vs Paper Cups

26:06 Cotton Is For Suckers

27:20 Cross Fit Cape Ann

29:15 Muffy White

32:12 Manscaping

35:15 Joey’s Use Of Female Hygiene Products

35:53 Manly Scented Sunscreen

40:27 Laurie Lufkin Click Marketing

42:10 Alicia On Social Media

46:00 Brianmoc

47:30 The Idea Behind GMG

56:30 19 Again

58:00 LMGTFY

If you only listen to one of our podcasts let this be the one.  I had so much crazy fun with Alicia.

Here are some memorable quotes from our discussion-

“Should I brace myself? Should I put my seatbelt on?”

“Powder fresh in my nether regions”

“Cotton Is For Suckers”

“Picture late 70’s early 80’s porn”

“Need a machete down there to get to the good stuff”

Business and Twitter (and Facebook)


There are a couple of business owners that God Bless them are embracing Facebook and Twitter to promote their companies.

This is a good thing.

What many don’t realize though is that if your Twitter feed or Facebook page is nothing but a bunch of ads and you retweet and repost them every hour that you are doing damage to your brand. 

Once people realize that all you do is feed them ads for your product or service all day they will either unfollow you or breeze right over your tweets without ever clicking through because they know ultimately they’re really not going to get a payback in the form of something interesting but what they will be getting is yet another one of your advertisements about you.  Yes I understand that YOU are the most important person in YOUR life but to the reader on twitter or Facebook try to engage the reader with something that will be a payoff for THEM.

Retweet other interesting things that are happening in your area, things that speak to you or you agree with and let your personality shine through your Twitter or Facebook presence.  People don’t want to get hammered over the head with ads all day long.  Be judicious with your self promoting.  I’m not saying it’s not important.  What I’m saying is to be more effective, maybe make every 5th tweet about your goods or services instead of 100%.

I guarantee you will be more successful in your marketing efforts.  Be natural, be you and let it shine on through.  Don’t be afraid to promote others you find interesting and they will be more likely to help you in your efforts to show the world how truly awesome YOU are.

Thank you.


A couple examples of people who are really interesting tweeters and marketers are my friends @JMcElhenny an @DscvrGlstr  If you look at their twitter feed it’s not just straight up advertisements marketing themselves.  They tweet and retweet intersting things around them and their personality shines through.

If you’re wondering if it’s you I’m talking about, step back, pull up your twitter feed and ask yourself if you are just hammering the shit out of people with advertisement about yourself after advertisement about yourself.

GMG Tech Talk- Last Night’s Social Media Presentation At The Cape Ann

Henry Allen has taken the space that used to house The Blackburn Tavern and turned it into a cultural activity center in which he has so much stuff going on it would make your head spin.  Henry’s deal is a whole ‘nother post- or ten posts.

Anyway in his space the Gloucester Destination Marketing organization led by Linn Parisi invited Art Haven director and good egg Dawn Gadow and I to come and give a presentation on Social media for tourism related business.

There was a good amount of people that showed up of all levels of sophistication as far as the web goes and how to use it but most of the folks that attended would probably admit that they are in the dark about how to use such things as twitter and Facebook to promote their business or organization.  After all that was why most showed up.

The key observation from the meeting to me was that the biggest obstacle for people getting started is some type of fear that they are going to somehow screw up and it is somehow too complicated.

Now I don’t know that I’m any kind of “Guru” on this stuff as Linn tabbed me in the promotional material but if anyone considers me somewhat competent at blogging or tweeting they should know that I only started three years ago.  Granted I am intensely committed to GMG and learning the ways to make it better and push the boundaries further but I didn’t know about any of this stuff three years ago.

You want to know how I got started?  I didn’t take a class or go to college in it.  I’m a dumb ass lobster dealer for Christ’s sake.  I just signed up for a free blog account on WordPress and filled in the blanks where they asked questions like username and password.  If there was something I got stuck on I didn’t call a help desk, I clicked on the support button that allows you to type in a question or keyword and they give you the answers.  Trial and error and tweaking and reading feedback and looking at statistics to see what worked and what didn’t.  It didn’t cost a dime initially.

So I started out the presentation talking about Trip Advisor and a story about how when we went to St Lucia we used Trip Advisor to determine what activities we were going to do on our vacation.  The number one thing listed in the area of St Lucia where we were staying was this Segway tour.  The Segway tour was lots of fun and at the end of it the tour guides reminded us a couple times very subtly that if we enjoyed ourselves to please leave a good review on Trip Advisor.  It was brilliant.  It cost the tour operators nothing, and it boosted their tour to the number one spot on an international widely used travel site-Trip Advisor.  You can’t pay for that type of positive exposure in the tourism industry.

The point was that all kinds of people are using social media to get their message out there and if you aren’t then your competition has a huge leg up on you.

I spoke about twitter but really Facebook is the monster right now.  It is taking over the way people communicate world wide.  The numbers are astounding.  Ideally if you own a business, you have a Facebook page where you upload photos or post specials or interesting stories about what is going on in your industry.  Then you link your Facebook page to your twitter account so every time you post to Facebook, the title and link back to your Facebook page gets listed on your twitter timeline.  Also when you post you should include keywords or hashtags so that search engines will pick up those areas of interest and like minded people or potential customers can find your information.

You don’t want to be perceived as spammy and just continually beat people over the head with products you are trying to sell.  Being somewhat funny helps and when you create a Facebook update or Tweet, try to think of the end user and make it worth their while to read what you are writing.  People love visuals.  Pictures can be taken with any new smartphone and uploaded directly to twitter or Facebook in mere seconds.

Here are examples I would use in each industry off the top of my head

Whale Watch-

every day the naturalist or captain takes a 20 second to 2 minute clip of whales breaching and uploads it to Facebook.  Your customers, people that love whales would have a reason to come back to your page every single day.  you will be present in their consciousness and when they are sitting around with their thumbs up their ass trying to figure out what to do in August because they’ve already been to the beach 30 times it might just click with them, hey, lets go on a whale watch.  I saw this cool video and every single day you get to see these real like monsters of the ocean just yards away from you.  Boom!  Sales!

Video gets uploaded to Facebook and linked to twitter account


Daily specials, pictures of any new dishes and new seasonal menus posted to to Facebook with a direct automatic link to Twitter. See The Farm Bar and Grille, or Minglewood Tavern for very successful Social media campaigns.  The farm Bar and Grille has over 2200 Facebook followers.  That means every day when they talk about 35 cent wing night on Thursdays every one of those 2200 followers gets reminded.  Not to mention their twitter followers.  Now even if they only converted 10% of those people into customers isn’t that an incredible bang???

Deep Sea Fishing-

Every Trip a mate or Captain takes a photo of the largest fish caught that day with the person that caught it holding it up and post it to their Facebook page.  Believe me when I tell you that everyone loves to see their picture taken with a huge fish.  You hand a sheet of paper to each passenger as they leave the ship with your Facebook page web address and tell them to look for pictures from that day.  I am fucking telling you, you will have an incredible amount of people checking out your page from the customers and family members that they want to brag to all their friends about the huge fish they caught and forward the pictures to them.  Link the Facebook page to the twitter account for automatic updating.  If any unusual fish are caught highlight those.  If you have some regular funny customers do little video clips with them that are like testimonials as to what keeps bringing them back to your deep sea fishing operation.  also fishing reports as to what kinds of fish is being caught.


Any new works, several updates as to the work in various stages of completion.  Any art shows that the artist will be showing at or local events.  Links to twitter account automatically.

It was great to get to talk to these folks. I hope we made an impact as if you’ve been reading these pages you know I’m committed to getting people involved in promoting all the cool stuff going on in our city.  I told these fine folks that once they get themselves set up with accounts that I would highlight them here on these pages as an incentive to get off their ass and make that first step. So expect to see more promoting of local twitteratti soon.

You gotta start somewhere.  Take the leap into the Cape Ann Social media pond, the water’s just fine.

I know most people don’t give a crap about yarn but please listen to Robert talk about his success at local yarn shop Coveted Yarn which has a global reach and how social media has helped him gain instant sales for no money at all-

Please watch the video and if nothing else from the five minute mark when he talks about how big Facebook is for his business and how it has led to his recent expansion.

Social Media For Artists (and non-profits)

SocialMediaforArtistscard (1)

You know how I’m always banging the drum about twitter and social media and how any restaurant or hotel that doesn’t use it is being completely negligent to their business?  Well the same can be said for local artists and non-profits. If you aren’t engaging in some types of Social media you are being negligent to your sustainability as an artist who can support themselves through their art.

Like it or not the way people are getting their information is through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  There are content creators that would like nothing better than to help you spread the good word about what you’re organization is doing.

Organizations like the Artsmap, the Rocky Neck Art Colony newsletter, seARTS newsblast, GMG and others aggregate art related postings from the web and send them out to people that WANT TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR LATEST VENTURE!

Here’s the thing- If you are not participating in at the very least Twitter and the 140 characters in which you can post a message about your latest art exhibit or newest project, then why should you expect anyone else to care?  Get off your ass, go to Jo-Ann and Barbara’s social media class, and be included in the online conversation that is going on around you and should involve your voice.

Kenny and I am planning to have a social media presentation for businesses and individuals some time soon but this event on the 12th focuses on Artists and non-profits.

Please do this for yourself- and in the words of Jerry Maguire,

“Help me help you” 

Learn how to get your voice out to the masses, make it easier for the Rainmakers to find out about your coolest new ventures and spread the word for you.  You may not realize it yet but even email is slowly being less and less used.  people are communicating more and more through Twitter, and Facebook.  Get on the train before your kids start talking about you like you are an old fogey that can’t figure this shit out.

Barbara writes-

Jo-Ann and I are doing an Intro to Social Media Marketing for Artists (and non profits too) on February 12.at Ten Pound Studio.
Jo-Ann is doing an "arts map" preso at this.
I’m attaching a jpeg, the press release and
the link to artsgloucester site to purchase tickets (through mkat tix):
Anything you could do to get the word out there would be appreciated. Thanks.

Social Media for Artists (and non-profits)

Jo-Ann Castano presents-

Social Media for Artists

it’s all about engaging eyeballs (and iminds) get started with the basics …
use FACEBOOK PAGES to promote your work
use LINKEDIN to connect to colleagues, businesses and resources.
participate in the global art (and nonprofit) conversation on TWITTER…..
move your message on YOU TUBE

Ten Pound Studio . 1 Center Street . Gloucester MA – Saturday, February 12 1:00 – 3:30 p.m.

presented by
Barbara Oliver (integrated communications consultant)

with preso by
Jo-Ann Castano (artist, community cultural organizer)
on The Arts Map-Cape Ann Arts Directory

registration on line coming soon
fee: $50 (includes how-to handouts)

email bthevision@gmail.com for further info

Bring your laptop, WFI available and explore the possibilities of marketing your art or organization.

I Swear If I Get Another Linked In Invitation Reminder I’m Gonna Jump



You know how there are those little annoyances in your life that after a while get under your skin?   One of mine is this social media company Linked In.

Listen, I like Social Media.  A blogger generally gets how useful a tool it can be.  Even though I don’t use Facebook I recognize how powerful and fantastic a way it is to communicate.  It is taking over the world, believe me.  The only reason I’m not on Facebook is because of the dedication to GMG. If I ever got started with FB the time suck would take away from this great thing we’ve created and we can’t have that now can we?

I’m a fan of Twitter and how effective a communication tool it is.  140 characters easy-peasy directed to exactly who you would like and delivered to their mobile device, desktop or  email.  Fantastic.

I just don’t feel the need to be on another Social network and especially one that seems so goddamn desperate that they can’t take no for an answer.  For any of you who are choosing this Linked In social media thing I’m guessing you are doing so because it is what they are selling you as the business type of social media much like they try to sell business people on the inferior Blackberry technology over Android or even better iPhones.

Listen to me- when you sign up for this Linked In service and send out messages to everyone in your email contact list, they are just hammering your contacts with invitation reminder after invitation reminder even though you’ve already ignored the last one because you don’t feel like having to tend to yet another social media service.  Trust me on this- no one gives a fuck about Linked In- all the cool kids are on Facebook.

I understand why they send these invitation reminders.  It is because for you to accept the invitation to join the person on Linked In, you need to join Linked In.  They would like to build up a network much like Facebook and possibly sell it for a bazillion dollars but friends believe me, it’s an also ran much like Blackberry will be and Nextel.  Just because they TELL you it’s for business people doesn’t make it a better technology.

Please for the love of god don’t send me any more Linked In invitations because much like the past 7,000,000,000 Linked In invitation reminders they will be ignored.

Please don’t take this that I still don’t love you and want to hear from you.  I’m just trying to enlighten you on what the hell is going on with this brutally obnoxious social media company.

I’d like to be Linked Out

Do You Think Social Media Is a Fad? Poll

Think About Your Answer Before You Watch The Video