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Snow: Gone Today and Here Tomorrow


My friend Donna Ardizoni reports that Main Street, in Downtown Gloucester, now has sidewalks clear of snow. Tomorrow, Monday February 2nd, we’ll have plenty more of the white stuff. If the oncology clinic at Addison Gilbert Hospital is closed, I’ll stay home. Now that I’ve had some practice with my cane cleats, I feel more comfortable on paths shoveled thru the snow.

Making Ready

For safety’s sake, I’m very concerned with navigating snow and ice. A fall could put me back in the hospital or nursing home, places I’d like to avoid. I bought an ice cane attachment at Conley’s Drug Store on Railroad Avenue in Gloucester. It works great! If you hold the two white buttons together, the spikes can be lifted to face up on the cane. I also bought a pair of basic shoe cleats for my boots at Ace Hardware. We’ll see how they work. Another safety option for the snow storm we’re supposed to have is to simply stay home 🙂IceCane5493wm IceTrecker5495wm

Paulie Frontiero Pics From The Dec 20 Snow Storm

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IMG_1668, originally uploaded by CapeAnnPleinAir.

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View Of Gloucester Harbor From Paulie Frontiero

View Of Gloucester Harbor From Paulie Frontiero