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Al MF Bezanson Expounds On The Perfect Snow Shovel. Do You Agree?

Al writes-

I’ve been shoveling for more than 70 years, starting back on the farm where we tended to the input and output of 20 cows.  Later, I learned in IE 1-01 that 21-1/2 lb is the optimum shovel-load, as determined by none other than Frederick W. Taylor, the father of scientific management.  This made perfect sense to me.

Now I have a long driveway, and I don’t mind shoveling it, within certain limits.  Nice way to work out and it feels real good to gaze back at what’s been accomplished.   And I never get a backache.  Because I use a strong, lightweight LONG HANDLED SHOVEL with the perfect aluminum business end.  No short handles for me.  They should be outlawed – except for little people, of course.  You can really send that snow flying off the slippery aluminum.

Where do you find the Perfect Shovel?  No place around these parts.  I buy mine at Big Blue Farm Supply in Clinton, NC, right in the heart of hog farming country.  Perfect for grain, corn and SNOW.

Al Bezanson

PS — I just spotted that photo of David Cox with the exotic S-curve job …. but I will stand by my Big Blue Hog Farmer’s Special.

The Perfect Snow Shovel

See Al I agree with you on the aluminum shovel shaped just the way yours is but I like it with a handle.  The kind we used for years to ice fish down the dock before they came up with the stupid white plastic ones.