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So with snow on the way at anytime, a great way too save your back and keep your toes toasty warm, is to get someone else to plow your lot or driveway. There is a great service right here in your backyard. A plow will come to our home or business ( depending on lot size of business ) and plow each and every time it snows. For a set price of $480.00 ( with the coupon below ) you can be plowed on every snowfall. Unlimited snow plowing – what a concept. It is pretty similar to an all you can eat buffet, but with snow. The company sits right here in Gloucester MA and is called Precision Snowplowing. Yes – this is the same company owned by Tony Carrao called Precision Roofing! Tony has snow plow services during the winter as an extension to his roofing company. I have spent some time with Tony over the last few years, and have seen the quality work and customer services that he delivers. So why break your back this winter – Give Tony a call and let Precision Snowplowing handle all your plowing this winter. Don’t forget, this would be a great gift for a family member or friend.