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Beannie Loses Another Tooth At The Cape Ann Farmer’s Market

The Bean and Snoop Maddie Mad Eat flowers from the Pickle Guy, Ma’s Marmalade Represents, and The Bean Loses another tooth.  Random I know but that’s what you get when you have two monkeys hanging off your shoulder at the Farmer’s Market.

The Schooner Thomas E. Lannon’s 15th Birthday Sail

If you come to Gloucester or if you’ve lived in Gloucester and you haven’t experienced a sail on the most beautiful ship in Gloucester harbor, The Thomas E. Lannon then I really feel sorry for you.

It’s beyond just bouncing along on a pretty boat, it’s the warmth and friendly hospitality of the Ellis family, Kay, Tom and Heath.  It’s experiencing Gloucester harbor without the blaring of a diesel engine or the exhaust fumes.   It’s the peace, it’s the sunset, it is the friendships forged.

I’m telling you right now you just gotta go.  You have friends coming in from out of town?  Take them on the Lannon, you’ll love it,and they will thank you.






more pictures and video coming

Who Got A Better Father’s Day Present Than Me?

Oh yeah baby.  The industrial strength plunger of my dreams! Love it!


I also got beautiful handmade cards form the Bean and Snoop Maddie Mad which will be proudly displayed in the office.

It’s the thought that counts and when you think Joey C Father’s Day gift what else would you think of than industrial strength plunger?
Don’t tell the Kids but I was secretly hoping for a weed whacker

What did you other Fathers out there get?  Leave a comment below.

Snoop Maddie Mad Earns Her First Trophy For Swimming The Length Of The Pool At The MAC Without Flippers

The swimming program at The MAC is stellar with patient caring instructors such as Mrs Violet and Mrs Beth.

Check Out The MAC, we go there and love it with convenient locations in Manchester and GTown!

Manchester Athletic Club Website


Woot!  Go Madpie!

Snoop Maddie Mad Publishes Her New Blog

Yep, you got that right, Snoop Maddie Mad has a brandy new blog. Older Sister Bean started hers when she was four so now it’s Snoop Mad’s turn.

All photos on her blog taken by her unless otherwise noted and all titles and captions her words as well.

The humble beginnings from my little maniac.

Here’s the link www.snoopmaddiemad.wordpress.com


Three Way Family Interview

The Bean, Snoop Maddie Mad and I conduct three different Interviews…simultaneously…with each other.

It’s all part of their training to be the next generation of media moguls in their father’s footsteps, Ha! 🙂

Here you go, three different perspectives of the same interview.


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