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Ask Joey C- Dating A Smoker

Dating a smoker asks- Joey, Do you date a smoker when you hate it but they are a quality person.  Everything about them is wonderful they just smoke? Dear “Dating a Smoker” I guess you gotta ask yourself how hot … Continue reading

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Cigarette Smokers- Get Mad Says Pete Mondello

Pete Mondello, a lobsterman and a smoker for over forty years  is mad as a hornet and he’s gonna do something about it. The latest round of tax increases on cigarettes has him pissed off enough to quit he says.  … Continue reading

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Sometimes I Wish I Weighed 250 Pounds

Let me explain. Yesterday morning I stopped into Dunkies for a bagel at 4:45AM before work.  I don’t normally stop for food in the morning but I just needed something to get me through the morning.  Anyway, as I walked … Continue reading

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Note how he manages to dump the barrel of slime eels with the cigarette hanging out of his mouth. Rockstar! Impressive!, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

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