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Merry Christmas! – Gloucester holiday slideshow

Merry Christmas to all! May God bless you and give you joy, whatever your religious tradition and personal approach to the holiday season.

Remember:  Christmas is just beginning! Traditionally, the Christmas season lasts for more than a week (for Catholics, until the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, which falls on Jan 13 this year).  So, don’t rush to throw out those Christmas decorations!  You can still enjoy them for a while yet – at least for the famous “12 Days of Christmas” until Jan. 6!

Gloucester is a great place to spend Advent and Christmas.   Besides all the services, pageants and festivities in the religious context, there are lots of decorations and fun activities downtown.  Click on the photos below to see a slideshow of images taken during “Family and Friends’ Night” and “Men’s Night” on Main Street.



I’ll be blogging from home in Connecticut for the next few days.

– Fr. Matthew Green

City Hall scaffolding progression photos

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the people putting up this scaffolding have to be of a special breed to be able to work at those heights. Like in the photo in the slideshow where there’s a guy holding a wooden beam, laying his own floor to walk on, with no netting around him yet… My respects!  Be careful, be safe, and may God watch over you!

-Fr. Matthew Green

Buoy auction slideshow

Hiding in the buoy box

Art Haven crew hiding in the buoy box

Click on the picture above to see a slideshow from the Art Haven buoy auction on Friday night!

The Thomas Lannon Groupon Deal $22 for Up To A $40 Excursion!

Click here for the Thomas Lannon Groupon

There’s not a much more beautiful way to enjoy Gloucester Harbor!  If you haven’t been then here’s your chance to go on the most beautiful boat in G-Town and if you have been then you know what a ridiculous value it is to be able to go on the Lannon for $22!!!image

Click the picture below for the Thomas Lannon Slide Show

Interview With Tom Ellis-