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Video Interview With Tom Ellis- Skipper Of The Thomas E Lannon

Tom Ellis Talks Pitches The 2013 Schooner Challenge To Benefit The Evelina M. Goulart


Have an evening of fun and participate in a unique brand of schooner challenge and help make the boat you crew on the winner! You must be on the Maritime Gloucester dock Monday, June 17th by 5:30 pm.

Crews will be assigned to the three schooners by random draw. Every effort will be made to seat friends and/or couples together on the same schooner. This would make an ideal club, association

or family team event! All proceeds are to benefit the Essex Shipbuilding Museum’s 86 year-old schooner “Evelina M. Goulart’s” stabilization project.

Tickets for The Schooner Challenge are $40 ea. and are only available from our Museum’s secure web site: http://www.essexshipbuildingmuseum.org/details-of-our-next-events-27.html#SchoonerChallenge

Or call: 978-375-3337. Don’t Delay–Limited tickets are available so sign-on NOW!
There will be cash bars on board, and light hors d’oeuvres will be available.


Happy Birthday To Captain Dave Marciano and new Promo For The Upcoming Wicked Tuna Season

Dave is the skipper of The Hard Merchandise. You can see him on Wicked Tuna.

Video- Dave Marciano Skipper Of Hard Merchandise On Wicked Tuna

here’s what I wrote about Dave on April 5th this year-

Posted on April 5, 2012 by Joey C

This show mark my words will be the best thing for Gloucester since The Perfect Storm.  If you’ve been under a rock and haven’t heard about it, set your DVR and watch it.  This show is a winner.

Check out The Hard Merchandise Website Here


You can also follow Dave on Twitter


and this I wrote about him back in 2010-

Dave Marciano Has Balls

Posted on August 19, 2010 by Joey C

Not too many people other than my favorite blogger Doug Maxfield that have the balls to write articles like the one Dave Marciano wrote in today’s GDT-

Letter: Coalition sector support now haunting fishermen

Click the link above to read what Dave has to say.  If what he says is true (and believe me I can’t even begin to understand how complex it all is) the way of life of the independent fishermen in Gloucester Ma will be lost forever within a generation.

I’m not sure how many people understand how sweeping the changes will be to our port but if it all is privatized the way it sounds like it’s going, go grab all the copies you can of John N Morris’ book Alone At Sea about the Schooners and Ron Gilson’s book about the waterfront An Island No More because the way of life as independent fishermen in Gloucester will be history and those two guys captured it in a real (non-romanticized way) better than anyone.

New wicked Tuna Promo here-


Deadliest Catch F/V Time Bandit skipper Mike Fourtner at Cape Pond Ice

Mike Fourtner, crewman, engineer and skilled skipper of the kiing crabber  F/V Time Bandit, of the Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch, stopped by CPI today and now is one of the official "Coolest Guys Around!".  He was with Gloucester’s own Jamie Marshall, heading down to a celebrity shootout fundraiser at Patriot’s Matt Light’s