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Peek at Felicia’s Cook Book Photo Shoot

Felicia Ciaramitaro Amanda Mohan ©Kim Smith 2013

I sampled the apple cake over the weekend, just one of hundreds of dishes Felicia prepared for two intense days of non-stop shooting in preparation for her forthcoming cookbook. Oh my, is it worth the cost of the cookbook for this recipe alone!!!

BJ Mohan ©Kim Smith 2013. copyBJ, like his dad Barry, is alway lending a helping hand.

Felicia Ciaramitaro Amanda Mohan -1 ©Kim Smith 2013.Like Mother, Like Daughter

Sista Felicia’s Kitchen

Felicia, Craig, Hannah, Pat.

Felicia, Craig, Hannah, and Pat

Yesterday afternoon I popped over to Felicia’s to find her and her fantastic team getting ready to launch Felicia’s Kickstarter program for her first cookbook. Craig Kimberley was shooting Felicia’s Kickstarter video and there was a mountain of food styled by Craig and Felicia, with Pat and Hannah providing assistance. Craig has created many cooking shows and he knew exactly how he wanted to film Felicia’s wonderful cooking demonstrations. It was lots of fun watching the two of them working at what they both love to do–Felicia cooking and Craig directing and shooting–and I was so glad to have had my camera with!

Felicia Craig video kickstarter ©Kim Smith 2013 -1

Felicia Craig video kickstarter ©Kim Smith 2013Felicia Craig video kickstarted bl-wh -1 ©Kim Smith 2013Felicia and Craig

Sista Felicia’s Heavenly Blueberry Lemon Tea Cake

Sista Felicia Blueberry lemon cake ©Kim Smith 2013

Felicia and I are embarking on a project together. She has been very patient while I get all my “stuff ” done–work I need to accomplish during the winter months to make all landscape design and film projects flow more smoothly throughout the year. Look at this gorgeous Blueberry Lemon Tea Cake that she dropped off to help hurry me along.  Believe me when I say, the cake tasted as scrumptious as it looks. Good thing I snapped a photo the minute it was brought in from the porch because when I returned to have a slice, the cake was half eaten.  I am so looking forward to the publication of Felicia’s first cookbook!

Sista Felicia ©Kim Smith 2013JPG

Thank you Felicia!

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Thank you Felicia and Alex for a Double Whammy of Deliciousness!

Lucky Mom Post #2 and Lucky Friend!

I hope you are not hungry while looking at the following mouth-watering deliciousness.  I am straight out with work and again came home to the most fabulous dinner–Son Alex’s deluxe veggie delight Swiss burger.

On our porch table I discovered a Sista Felicia-super-surprise-melt-in-your-mouth chocolate-concoction-Halloween-treat. Did I mention I am very blessed with both thoughtful son and dear friend? Thank you Felicia and Alex for a double whammy of deliciousness!

Sista Felicia’s Halloween Treats

Zip Zip Hooray to Gloucester!

TheFox 25 Zip Trip to Gloucester flowed beautifully and was so well-organized by the Zip Trip Team. The challenges of producing live television are many and, I imagine, ten times more demanding when broadcasting from a different Massachusetts town each week. All went perfectly; seemingly without a hitch. The newscasters were inundated with fans and gifts, the producers countless hurdles, and all the while the cameramen were trying to film in an open setting dodging everyone who was running in and out. Despite these many challenges, the newscasters and production team were gracious, considerate, professional, and patient. Thank you Sarah Unis and the Fox 25 Zip Team for visiting Gloucester!

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Good Morning Gloucester Team, from left to right: Felicia, Donna, Melissa, Ed, Joey, Amanda, BJ, Pat, with Ron center front.

Making Sista Felicia’s to-die-for-amazingly-delicious-homemade-ricotta doughnuts

VB, Gloucester’s Own Fox 25 Producer Sarah Unis, and her Dad Joe Unis

Gene Lavanchy and fan

Mayor Kirk and Producer Sarah Unis

Donna, Sista Felicia, Joey, and BV ~ where Joey explains to VB the perfect lobster roll.

VB looks skeptical!

Joe was asked to represent Gloucester in the live trivia segment. He did beautifully, or as he would say, “Boom, we nailed it!”

Sista Felicia, Joey, VB, Gene Lavanchy

Shannon Mulaire and Gene Lavanchy

John McElhenny from Matter Communications and Donna

Cindy Fitzgibbon and fans

Mayor Kirk and VB

Gloucester’s CFO Jeffrey Towne and Cindy Fitzgibbon

Future newscasters

BJ Mohan taking a break after the early morning (4am) set-up.

Sarah Unis

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