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St. Peter Novena Day 2



The Children Of the Rosary


Passing on tradition to the next generation!



The “St. Peter Fiesta Through The Years” book selling like hotcakes last night! 



Our Grandmother Felicia spotted in a photo of the Fiesta book !


Novena Coffee Time!





Cousin Eleanor Tucker showing off  St. David’s Cookies!



Faces of the Rosary!









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Live From Caffe Sicilia 




Beautiful handcrafted Easter Sheep Mazapan a perfect addition to any Easter Basket!

Small Single Sheep $15, Large in Basket $18


Enter Raffle To Win Giant Uova di Pasqua!

Tickets on sale now for a chance to win the “Uova di Pasqua” Giant Chocolate Easter Egg! A Traditional Italian Chocolate Egg Suprise, enjoyed by all ages during the Easter Holiday!

IMG_4470Caffe Sicilia has an assortment of  Uova di Pasqua Eggs available for sale while supplies last! Shop Caffe Sicilia soon for best selection of color, sizes and price ranges!  



Don’t forget to place your holiday pastry order for next weekend!


Don’t forget to tell them Sista Felicia Sent you in!

Breaking News From Sclafani’s Bakery




Mark your Calendar & Set you cellphone alert for Monday morning March 31, 2015! Just received word  from an employee of Sclafani’s Bakery, that starting Monday morning they will be taking orders for their famous freshly made  Cartocci, Lobster Tails, Cannoli, and Ricotta Pies, for next weekends Easter Celebrations!. 


Brother Joey and I have posted numerous times about brothers Frank and Gus Sclafani’s delectable hand crafted “Ricotta Cartocci.” We both agree, that the Sclafani’s  brothers Cartocci are by far the best Cartocci sold in town!


Every Saturday morning my twins, husband, St. Barry and mother Pat, look forward to enjoying a freshly made Italian pastry from the Sclafani’s Bakery. This year it’s been requested they be added to our Easter Brunch menu. Over the past several months, this Italian Donut’s popularity has grown to sell out by 10:30 am each Saturday morning.  Knowing this fact, first hand after leaving the bakery a few times empty handed, I decided to inquire about pre ordering a dozen for our families Easter Brunch next weekend. While inquiring this morning while shopping for Easter basket fillings, I asked if they would be willing to extend a pre order option for Cartocci to their customers and general public this holiday season. Without hesitation Frank agreed! 


The Sclafani borthter’s Cartocci are usually sold “Saturdays Only,” in limited supply. Take advantage of this opportunity for next weekend. Call your Easter orders in before next Friday. 

scalafani bakery gmg post 3

If your planning a Easter Brunch, lunch or Dinner, or invited out for any of the above, I highly recommend calling in an order bright and early Monday morning for one of  Sclafani’s delicious handmade pastries. All will be freshly prepared and awaiting your pickup next Saturday! 


Trust me… your guests will be licking their dessert plates clean!

scalafini 2

Monday Sista Felicia shares an Easter Basket filled with products she uses often, sold at Sclafani’s Bakery. One product included is a childhood favorite. Look for the Sista Dish post Monday to learn what that childhood favorite is! 

Call Sclafani’s Bakery  to Place your Easter Orders

49 Washington Street, Gloucester Ma. 01930

 Phone #1-978-283-6622

Cartocci $2.50 each

Lobster tail  $2.50 each

Cannoli $1.75 each

Ricotta Pie $12.99 each

Italian Cookies $5.99 per lb.


Live From “Second Glance” The Thrift Store Of The Open Door


Second Glance Statue post

Yesterday Charlene M Delany a Facebook friend posted the photo and caption above. After liking her post, I couldn’t stop thinking about the photo of the religious statues. This morning after meeting friends for coffee, I decided to stop by The Open Doors Thrift Store, Second Glance to see if the St. Joseph and St. Anthony statues were still on display, and find out if they were indeed for sale. After a quick scan of the glass and collectable area of the store, I was directed to their back room, where I immediately spotted them on a display shelf, exactly as shown in the photo on Facebook yesterday morning. As I approached the shelf I was thrilled to see they both were labeled with very reasonably priced sale tags! As I carefully lifted the heavy statues from the display, my heart was fluttering with joy, as I carried them to the cash register to purchase them!




After a quick wash and polish, they were added to our family altar!  





They make beautiful additions to our collection!


Second Glance is located on Pond Road, Gloucester Ma.


Coconut Is Free At Last!


coconut 1

 A few days ago we were greeted at the door by a very proud Coconut sporting her “dangling” plastic cone.  God only know how she managed to wiggle it loose while we were out! After a few failed attempts, with the sad puppy eye stair down, the cone was successfully refastened around Coconuts neck for the remainder of her recommended recovery days post eye surgery, preformed by Dr. Ray Cahill at SeaPort Veterinary Hospital. Happy to report that our Coconut was finally freed from wearing the dreaded “hard plastic Cone” yesterday and tomorrow she will be off to K-9Kuts for a much need bath and day of beauty with Julie Borge!


coconut 2https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEVVboe5GhA

East Gloucester Vikings Youth Softball Photo From the 70’s


East Glouceseter Vikings Youth Softball

Cousins Joe & Mary Marcantonio Submit Photo

Were currently working on list of name! Can you find Sista Felicia in the photo? A small hint …The wearing jewelry…

Rosemarie Calomo Vizena Hysterical. I see some familiar faces! Love it!!!

Bob Scola Tag them

Julie Davis Broe Tamie Rodolosi – is that you top row on the left?

Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan OMG! Love that photo!

Debbi Dobson Biondo Beth?

Cindy Greely Beck Love all of the Farrah Faucette hairdos!

Rosemarie Calomo Vizena I hope you tagged all these people joe.

Rosemarie Calomo Vizena Look at Lisa Olson

Rosemarie Calomo Vizena Sandy Muniz

Rosemarie Calomo Vizena Marybeth morrissey

Gulzat Dalton Heather, are you on the left? Your daughter look just like you!

Marybeth morrissey

Gulzat Dalton Heather, are you on the left? Your daughter look just like you!

Rosemarie Calomo Vizena I think I see one of the powers.

Rosalee Nicastro Felicia, Is your daughter in is picture?

Anya Ciarametaro Auntie Mary… That hairstyle is really doin’ it for you. I think you should consider bringing it back.

Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan Rosalee Nicastro I’m in the back row 4th on in from the left side!

Theresa M. Testaverde Big hair Mary Testaverde. …lol :)))

Beth Bertolino Aylmer Oh sweet angel of death! Take me now! In my defense, I cut my hair to look like Lady Di and didn’t realize it was so curly.

Beth Bertolino Aylmer Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan just tell Rosalee that you are the one next to Will Farrell. Poor Beth

Mary Hubbard Rooney I think we need to take that show back on the road!!!!

Carolyn Hunt-cribbs We can wear purple and Red:)

Ella Comeau Lewis awesome Heather is 3rd from left and Phyllis Ann is behind her. All these great East Gloucester faces

Ella Comeau Lewis oops Phyllis Ann is second from right in the last row

Ella Comeau Lewis Is that Mary Testaverde on the right end? Everyone has lots and lots of hair

Phyllis-Ann Bourassa Beth Beth Bertolino Aylmer, when did you have short hair??

Beth Bertolino Aylmer Phyllis-Ann Bourassa 5th-beginning of 7th. My Will Farrell stage. wink emoticon

Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan Kim Arntsen…is next to me

Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan Carl Mckay-Stratton…That’s your sister on the end in the back row right?

21 mins · Like · 1

Mary Marcantonio Yes Ella it’s me, this is what happens when I show my husband an old photo!! No more pics for him,lol!

Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan Nikki Parisi middle row on left!

Mary Marcantonio Yes I know a lot of the girls but can’t remember them all!

Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan Love it Mary Marcantonio…If I remember correctly I caught 2 balls that year one to get us into the championship and the one that won the championship game…both with eyes closed and head turned away from the ball…That’s why Leann Kennedy put me way out in right field!

Mary Marcantonio Yep!! The good old days!!!


Kerrie Callahan Donahue Has Some Nice Things To Say!



tommy 1

Kerrie Callahan Donahue Writes in response to my Sista’s Dish Post, posted yesterday regarding the Common Eider sighting on Roger Street~ I love it, Felicia Ciaramitaro Mohan! You are quick on the draw with your camera, catching the best moments!! Ty

Sista Felicia Writes~ Kerrie, I will be sure to save this photo in a safe place for his 21st Birthday and Wedding Video!

tommy 2tommy 3

Click Link below for more details of my post yesterday!



The Clock Is Officially Ticking…The Countdown to The Famous “Mariposa Warehouse Sale” Has Officially Begun!





Dear Sista Felicia,

The Warehouse Sale is this Saturday, November 15th. It begins at 8 a.m., but as you know, the line forms much earlier. Due to safety concerns from prior sales we are providing bags this year.  One bag per person will be handed out at the door. No outside bags will be brought into the sale. The bags are a good size, dimensions are as follows:

Depth: 13

Height: 11

Max. load: 55 lb

Volume: 20 gallon

I saw your live blog and pictures from last year. Looked like your group was having fun! We would be happy to have you cover the event for GMG and take some photos of the people waiting in line, prior to the sale



Laura Mackin Marketing Manager MARIPOSA

Cucudiata fig cookies (16)

 I believe everything taste better when served on Mariposa!



The Famous Mariposa Warehouse Sale started on School Street in the church hall of Scared Heart Parish in Manchester By The Sea Massachusetts. Over the years as the popularity of “Mariposa” grew, so did its sale. What originated in a small church hall once per year, moved to Gloucester, for a biannual warehouse sale at the Elks Club. After quickly outgrowing the Elks Club, the Mariposa sale was moved to a Mariposa Warehouse located on Pond Road in Gloucester, and shortly after to it ‘s most recent and current sale location at the Mariposa Warehouse in Gloucester’s Blackburn Industrial Park.

I vividly remember attended my first sales in the church hall with my mother, and Aunt Karen. After thinking about my found memories of waiting in line for hours, in all kinds of weather, chatting it up with women about past sales and the newest collectable pieces we all hopped to be lucky enough to get out hands on to purchase year after year, I realized that the sale its self has truly become a celebrated tradition for women on Cape Ann.  

For years, this Mariposa Warehouse Event has brought droves of women together from near and far, to do what they commonly love to do; Shop, Socialize, and Score awesome bargains. By the time warehouse sales had moved from the Elks Club to the warehouse locations, several of my girlfriend’s had caught the Mariposa Fever and were regularly attending the sales with me each year. The Sale quickly became a special BFF thing we call our “Female Super Bowl!”  

Just as our husbands plan their Super Bowl Parties, we “women” begin planning our “Female Super Bowl” gatherings complete with an overnight Tailgating Pre-Sale Celebration, as soon as the sale date is announced by the company!

 My girlfriends and I have spent many nights standing out in the cold waiting in line huddled together, wrapped in blankets sitting on beach chairs, surrounded by laundry baskets and duffel bags sipping warm beverages and an occasional glass of wine or two, having lengthily conversations about strategizing to get your hands on that one most desirable Mariposa piece needed to complete your collection!

The Mariposa Company definitely holds the record for the fastest sales of inventory in America. Within minutes, (….and I mean minutes), of the warehouse doors opening, the prized Mariposa inventory is wiped out and spoken for by diehard Mariposa shoppers/Fans !  See you at the sale tomorrow!


Photos above from Cape Ann Magazine 2012 & 2013

Clink below to see their beautiful collection’s.


Live From North Shore Walk to Defeat ALS

Printb walk

Today 45 family and friends of the late Barbara Reynolds are walking along side Barbara’s beautiful family in The North Shore Walk To Defeat ALS in Hamilton MA.

frost family

My dear friend Tanya Reynolds Frost, daughter of Barbara Reynolds has spent the past two months organizing a team in her mother’s memory to raise money and awareness for ALS. Barbara lost her battle against ALS last month on September 4, 2014.  To make a donation to the ALS Foundation in Barbara Reynolds name, Click on the link below and donate under the team name  “Barbara’s Brigade.”

frost family 2




Live Sunset View From Flat Cove Landing Rocky Neck

The colors of the sky from our kitchen window were so gorgeous BJ & I jump in the car and quickly drove down the street to capture the end of the sunset… The colors in the sky changed so fast it was amazing!

Live Filiming On Atlantic Road of a German TV Mini Series


PrintIMG_1113Today the filming of a German TV Min series has been in full swing on the corner of Atlantic and Grapvine Road here on the scenic coastline of Gloucester’s Back Shore!  Camera and lighting crews report the movie being filmed today is based off a series of romantic novels written by best-selling German Author Katie Ffrode.  They also reported that many famous German actors and actresses staring in the mini series were on location today!  While I was taking photos I noticed everyone on set was speaking a foreign language.  That would probably explain the camera and lighting crews explanation of having a little bit of a langue barrier on set during their apology for not being able to provide  me with a list of the famous actors and actresses names. 


  Best-Selling German Romantic Novelist TV Mini Series Films on Gloucester back-shore!

Kaity fforde 2* Please Note~Above photo credit of Katie Fforde is from Katie Fforde Twitter Page  Click link below for more info on Best Selling German Author Katie Fforde


Close Look Of Gloucester Harbor Schooner Festival Parade Of Sails







Live From Inside Market Basket with The Managers



img 0714

img 0714


The excitement in the store is infectious between employees and MB loyal customers happy to be back in their store!Currently streaming live coverage of Artie T speech on TV on loud speaker in the store! Patrons are cheering and clapping listing to Artie T Speech ! Simply Amazing ! The bakery manager reported fresh persian bread will be available tomorrow!


MB open
I’m so excited to have our Market Basket Back! It feels like Christmas Morning!

Coconut Wishes Everyone A Belated ” Happy National 2014 Dog Day”




Late last night after noticing lots of doggie photos posted on FaceBook throughout the day, I learned that people were posting their beloved canines photos in celebration of 2014″National Dog Day.” Of course I immediately jumped on board and posted this photo of my beloved Coconut!

Today Coconut & I wish all our GMG Canine Friends a Happy Belated National Dog Day! Woof!

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