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St. Peter Novena Day 4



Faces of the Rosary


Mary Russo and daughter Connie Orlando


The Fishermen of the Rosary


 Nicolo Sanfilippo

Retired Fishing Captain of the vessel

“Enza Rosa”


Al Millefoglie

 Retried Fishing Captain of the vessel

“Maria and Al”


Al Millefoglie

Current Fiesta Committee Member


Dante Holding

Future Fiesta Committee Member


Dante Holding having fun with Al Millefoglie during last night’s Novena clean up!



Novena Coffee


Caryn Linquata Ryder & Joanne Aiello



Marie Siliva, Bea Ciaramitaro, and Agnus Burnham

 Novena Confections!


Ricotta Pie


Chick Pea filled Cassateddi


Italian Cookies


Sista Felicia’s Coconut Macaroon Cookies




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Banana Cupcakes with Coconut Cream Filling & Nutella Buttercream Frosting



Banana Cupcakes with Coconut Cream Filling & Nutella Buttercream Frosting

A small container of Coconut Cream Filling used in a cake inspired me to create this Cupcake for dessert  a few days after Easter, during my quest to create new recipes using leftovers and  ingredients from our Easter Feast…I have to say…They the Banana Cupcakes are OUTSTANDING!!!!

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Kids Easter Bunny Cookie Day at Sista Felicia’s Kitchen!




Before noon yesterday, I had received numerous requests and inquire to purchase an “Easter Bunny Cookie.” Unfortunately because of the exorbitant costs to build and permit a commercial kitchen space I do NOT currently sell Sista Felicia Foods, and simply share my dishes and confections with family and friends. Hopefully in the near future an opportunity to hurtle this giant obstacle presents, enabling my cooked foods to be sold to the general public, but for now I continue to share my passion for food, tradition, and the gathering of family and friends with the public here on GMG. I feel truly blessed to have the opportunity to and share my Step-by-Step recipes and personal experiences celebrating the three “F’s”, Family Friends & Food with the general public though my “Sista Dish” post daily on this website, created by my brother Joey.


 I quickly turned yesterday’s frustrating morning of “sorry they are not for sale” into a fantastic afternoon, the moment I decide to whip up another massive batch of cookie dough,( my Italian Cookie Dough recipe is included below) and extended an open invitation “treating” the children of my family and friends with an opportunity come to my kitchen and bake a Bunny Cookie with me!  Within hours an impromptu afternoon of baking Eater Bunny Cookies with all kids in and around my life was well underway! The afternoon couldn’t have been more perfect! As the word got out, three waves of kids between 3 and 6pm found their way over to my kitchen, to craft Easter Bunny Cookies, followed by daughter Amanda, Columbia tennis exchange student Laura, and mother Pat,who latter in the evening after tennis academy training and work made the 4th and final wave of bunny cookie makers ending yesterday’s baking extravaganza!  


Sisters Lexi & Lola Carollo

finn schraft easter bunny kids cookie day gmg post

GMG Contributor Nichole Schraft’s son Finn intently frosting his bunny!


The smiles on the kids’ faces were priceless!



Several Easter Bunny Cookies left the kitchen with missing ears and feet…Maybe GMG Contributor Alicia Cox DeWolfe’s son, Tyler DeWolfe can explain?




Thank you all for joining me last minute yesterday afternoon!
XO Sista

See video below for my Step-by-Step Italian Easter Egg Bunny Cookie Tutorial!

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The Winning # Is……



Sunday Night Sista Felicia’s Facbook followers and friends were invited to enter a chance to win an adult Easter Bunny Cookie. Below is the invite posted on FB!

“Take a guess … How many lbs. of cookie dough? Closest guess without going over shall receive a Special Bunny Cookie made by my mother Pat & Joanne Frontiero Did you know that They specialize in adult Bunny Cookies!”


Last night the winning guess was announced with the help of Gloucester’s “Crazy Carl!”


<p style="text-align:center;"

Congratulations to Sean Nickerson for being the first to guess 


A big thank you to all who participated in the guessing game! Until next time…

XO Sista

group photo from easter bunnny cookie night 2015

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Sista Felicia’s Peeps Easter Egg Surprise




Sista Felicia’s Peeps Easter Egg Surprise

Time to start preparing sweet treats for Easter. Last year this recipe was created and posted on Sista’s Dish after being inspired by my favorite childhood Italian traditional Easter candy while shopping at Scalafini Bakery here in Gloucester. Its a fun recipe to make with kids and adults of all ages.

italian candy easter egg scalafini

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Celebrating St. Joseph Day with Feast Food Family & Friends




 A traditional Feast of St Joseph Pasta, Italian bread, Orange and Finochio Salad, Frittata, Baked Haddock, Panelle, Fried Calamari, Smelts, Haddock, Crab Cakes, Muddica Artichoke, Seafood Casserole and St. Joseph Zeppole, were served with cordials of homemade Limonciello and Arancello. All were accompanied by many other delicious foods and desserts that were prepared by and enjoyed with family and friends on Thursday evening following our nine day nightly St. Joseph Novena. 

St. Joseph zeppole final photo

Sista Felicia’s Homemade “St. Joseph Zeppole” filled with both traditional vanilla custard, and sweetened ricotta topped with cherries and confectioners sugar!







What’s left of 130 lbs Hand made pasta!


It was a fun day of cooking, feasting and celebrating!







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Viva Mariposa!



Yesterday while preparing bread for our Feast of ST. Joseph, my BFF Dee Noble creatively shaped a Mariposa “String Of Pearls” inspired “Viva St. Joseph Bread” for the altar when I was in the other room fixing a second batch of bread dough. She knows my love for all things Mariposa and thought our altar needed a special Mariposa touch!

2015 altar bread st joseph 1

This year’s Altar Breads

st joe altar bread 2015 2

st joe altar bread 2015 3

The big question late last night…
How many men does it take to put the Mariposa away?”


BFF Dee, directing the men during the massive team effort to tidy the house after last nights feast!

Family friend and GMG Contributor Donna Ardizzoni was in the kitchen with us all day photographing the process of preparing dishes served at last night’s traditional St. Joseph Feast. Look for her Photo gallery tomorrow afternoon!


Donna Thank you for everything! Yesterday was so much fun! My kitchen is always filled with laughter when your in it!


James and I look forward to selecting photos from your gallery for cookbook #3!  

Orange & “Finochio” Fennel Salad


 orange and finochio( fennel) salad 106

Orange & “Finochio” Fennel Salad

orange and finochio( fennel) salad 005

Preparations for “The Feast Of St. Joseph” is under way! All ingredients including fresh produce are officially in the house and ready for tonight’s ceremonial blessing by “Holy Famliy Parish” Pastor Father Jim, taken place this evening at tonight’s Novena.

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Sista Felicia’s Signature Homemade St. Joseph Zeppole



This morning while whipping up a few batches of my famous St. Joseph Zeppole for tonight’s Novena Coffee, I decide to fix a special tray for my Comere Bridget Mathews, to serve at their families St. Joseph Feast at the Mathews family home this afternoon! After all a St. Joseph Feast is not complete without St. Joseph Zeppole Pastry. A Traditional St. Joseph Zeppole is filled with a pastry custard and or sweetened ricotta cream filling toped with either cherries, candied fruits and or small chocolate pieces, finished with a light dusting of Confectioners sugar. Today I prepared my signature St. Joseph Zeppole Pastry, in an equal assortment of  pastry custard, and sweetened ricotta cream filling, accompanied with sweetened cherries!


Bridget Mathews Writes~ Melodey might have to have dessert before lunch! Thank you Felicia for the zeppole delivery!! They look delish!!!

mathews family st joseph zeppole suprise

Each year I prepared 168 St. Joseph Zeppole for our families Feast, and all 168 Zeppole were enjoyed as fast as the freshly baked pastry shells were filled. This year I’m definitely planning to make a few dozen more!  

Click read more for Sista Felicia’s St. Zeppole Photo Gallery

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Preparations For The Feast Of St. Joseph At Sista’s House Is Well Underway!



Preparations For The Fest Of St. Joseph Is Well Underway!


The planning baking, cleaning, and rearrangement of the house has begun! Over the weekend while cleaning, I decided to make a batch of “Rose Pedal Infused Sugar & Rose Pedal Jelly” using rose pedals left over from Valentines Day. My clever way to recycle the fragrant roses into a delightful sweet treat of Heart Shaped Linzer Cookies for my Novena Guest, that will tie in my families “Red Rose” Altar Theme onto the dinner room table where homemade pastries and confections are shared during our traditional nightly “Novena Coffee Time” held after each Rosary!

st. joseph feast 2014 (1)


My Rose Pedal Jelly Recipe is featured in “Gifts Of Gold In A Sicilian Kitchen With Sista Felicia; Harvest” click link below to purchase copies of “Gifts Of Gold”


st joseph 2014 273


Sneak Peek Behind The Scenes of Limonciello & Arancello Making In Sista Felicia’s Kitchen





new label limcello 2

Get Ready Limonciello & Arancello Lovers…Sista Felicia’s Video Recipes Coming Soon


 Craig Kimberley is wrapping up his editing & adding some finishing touches!






You may have noticed that lemons, oranges and bread are always present through the feast of St. Joseph. Each have significant meaning. I have written about them on many occasions in past Sista Felicia St. Joseph Posts,  and this year they will be once again highlighted in many of my post… The lemon represents the sweetness of ones life, and the orange represents life’s bitter past, and the bread is for all to never go hungry!

I First I have to thank my dear friend and fantastic videographer Craig Kimberley, for offering to film this production the moment he heard the plans in the making last spring during the Mathews Family homemade wine production, and filming. I personally would like to thank my friends and family for their labor of love and helping hands throughout this entire production.  I can’t wait to see the finished piece! I would also like to thank my”Creative Director” James Eves from Cape Ann Giclee for designing and producing the beautiful Sista Felicia Limonciello Bottle Labels. You always know how to “Felicitize” everything we do, and I adore you for that! A special thank you to the Mathews Family Neil, Bridget, and Abbey for sharing in the cost of the production, and for the lovely Sista Felicia Tags!


Countdown to The feast Of St. Joseph 2015 Begins Today!


Preparations for the feast of St. Joseph 2015 at Sista Felicia’s was officially kicked off  Tuesday evening with making of Homemade Arancello!

Recipe for Limonciello & Arancello coming soon on Sista’s Dish!


From Left: Abbey Mathews, Bridget Mathews, Andrea Carlson, Sista Felicia, Eleanor Tucker, Nicole Tucker


Ask Sista Felicia…


punch bowl 1

This morning I received this email question and thought It be best to share the answer , considering the fact that I receive inquires like this often.

 Click link below for my Holiday Punch Recipe highlighting Mariposa’s beautiful Vintage Glass Punch Bowl


Email Message

Hi there! I saw your video for Grape & Ginger Ale Punch on Cook123 and I am in love with the style of your punch bowl. Do you happen to know the brand so I can research it and try to find one to buy ?  I would appreciate it very much. I’ve been looking around all morning online trying to find one that looks like it but I haven’t been able to find anything. Thanks,

Ali Phillips

punch bowl 2


I too adore this beautiful Blown Glass Punch Bowl, from my Mariposa Collection! Mariposa products make everything look and taste extra special! It’s what I use daily when entertaining friends and family in and outside my home! I find this punch bowl to be the perfect size for small gatherings.  I’m not sure if it’s a retired collection piece. Best to contact the Mariposa Company’s customer service department directly for more information.



Fireball Hot Toddy



Fireball  Hot Toddy

Today’s bitter cold temperatures are chilling to the bone…warm up the body from the inside out with a FireBall Hot Toddy!


Fireball Hot Toddy


1 cup Hot black tea

1 tablespoon local honey (Sold locally at Common Crow)

1 teaspoon fresh lemon juice

1 shot Fireball Cinnamon Whisky


1 combine all ingredients

2 mix well

3 consume imediately

* Note~This is an adult beverage recommended for 21+ years of age

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