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Holiday Cooking is in Jeopardy…Someone Notify DCS/Fisher Paykal STAT




What is going on with my DCS/Fisher Paykel appliance’s? 


The timing of this couldn’t have come at a worse time of year. This is the season to bake, and prepare for the holidays. The time of year my kitchen gets the most use.  I absolutely love my DCS/ Fisher Paykal appliances, they are by far my most favorite and most used appliance’s in my kitchen…they were my Best friends throughout the creation of  my cookbook “Gifts of Gold  In A Sicilian Kitchen With Sista Felicia; Harvest.”  After hours of reaserch and several phone calls, per the recommendation of DCS, St. Barry took the control panel out of the ovens yesterday and shipped it off to DCS for service,….and we can’t find anyone in our area to service the grill or dishwasher. DCS/FISHER PAYKAL Please HELP!!!!! 

Sista’s Favorite Kitchen Gadget Of The Week!


Mother natures’  unpredictable climate this time of year makes espresso lovers official decision to switch from enjoying a daily hot espresso, to enjoying an iced espresso a big challenge. This weeks favorite kitchen gadget is my Keurig Café One-Touch Milk Frother. This handy little gadget has made my transition from hot espresso to iced espresso a lot easier to drink.  I have found that a warm frothy dollop of milk floating on top of my iced espresso is a heavenly in between beverage. I know I’m breaking all the rules by adding warm frothy milk to an Iced beverage, and it really defeats the whole concept of drinking an “iced beverage”, but this combination is perfect on a day like today when the temperature outside is neither hot or cold enough to commit one way or the other! Coffee connoisseurs will definitely disagree, but it’s working for me, and I highly recommend trying it! 



Making Sunday Dinner with My New Favorite Kitchen Gadget

PrintA few weeks ago while shopping the clearance section at our local Marshalls I spotted a marked down ravioli press, a kitchen gadget  I have always wanted to try. I tossed it in my drawer of cutters and kinda forgot about it until being inspired to make homemade pasta during my trip to Boston’s North End yesterday.  For years I have cut and pressed ravioli by hand just like my Grandmother Felicia did.  I am beyond thrilled to have stumbled across this ravioli press. I am even more thrilled by how incredibly easy it was to use and how well it cut and sealed each raviolis edge, at the same time.  I give this gadget a double thumbs ups and I know my grandmother Felicia would have too!

ravolli post1

Yesterday after returning home from Boston I headed straight to the kitchen to find that ravioli press and whipped up 74 ricotta filled ravioli for todays Pre-Game Sunday Dinner

ravoli 3

Today we enjoyed the fruits of my yesterdays labor, and according to my husband son BJ  and princess Coconut…they were “the best I have ever made!”