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DCS/Fisher Paykal Stands Behind Their Products with the Help Of Authorized Vesoc Inc. Repair Service

Print      IMG_5078 Meet George “My New Kitchen Savior”

George from Vesco Inc. High End Appliance Repair Services, an official DCS/Fisher Paykal  authorized repair service company Is “My New Kitchen Savior!”

Yesterday I had a reassuring phone conversation with Kevin from Vesco Inc. about my urgent need to have my DCS/Fisher Paykal appliances back in working order STAT! Kevin promised to have George his best service repair employee at my home today between 10:30-12:00 and also promised that Vesco Inc. would do what ever it takes to get “Sista Felicia’s Kitchen” back up and running in time to rock out some new “Holiday Recipes & Online Videos.” This morning pricelessly at 10:30 am Coconut began barking like crazy by the front door as George walked towards our entryway holding his black tool chest . After quickly glancing at my cell phone for the time, I  thought to myself, wow it’s 10:30, this service appointment is definitely off to good a start. As Coconut and I led George to the kitchen, I asked George if Kevin or the customer service department at DCS/Fisher Paykal had explained to him that  I and GMG’s 65,000 Plus daily viewers anxiously await a working kitchen!


Stand by for an update on a the progress of a fully working DCS/Fisher Paykal kitchen next week when George returns with needed parts and further service repairs!

***I highly recommend using Vesco Inc. for service on any High End Kitchen Appliances!**


Sista’s Favorite Kitchen Gadget of the week



Silicone Omelet Mold by Le’Kue’


Silicone Omelet mold by Le’Kue’, is quite handy during the early morning rush of getting son BJ and husband Barry out the door on time to beat the rout 128 traffic.  At the start of this school year I began fixing BJ and St. Barry “to go” breakfast wraps per their request.  This morning ritual of preparing a hot “to go” breakfast, followed by the quick ‘kiss, kiss, have a good day, here is your warm breakfast, enjoy, wave goodbye close the door,” left me with the not so joyful sink of dirty cooking equipment each morning.

Two weeks ago while washing at the sink, a flash back of a microwave cooking demonstration I attended with my mother, back in the day when Microwaves were the new “Must Have” Kitchen Gadget of the times. The fast, no fuss little mess style cooking revolutionized kitchen around the world. 


I remembered watching scrabbled eggs cook in a glass Pyrex liquid measuring cup quickly, effortlessly, and with little mess within minute’s right in the aisle of the appliance store. The very next morning, happened to be a Saturday, and I decided to replicate that same microwave egg demonstration to son BJ. He thought it was a genius approach of cooking fast with little mess to clean, and was happy with the results. For the next several days their “to go” breakfast wraps and sandwiches were prepared in this fashion, until I scored this nifty silicone omelet gadget made by Le’Kue’ on clearance for $8.00 in Marshalls the other day. This Silicone Omelet mold by Le’Kue’ has definitely made my morning job of fixing a hot “To Go” breakfast for my boys a lot faster and easier. I definitely give this kitchen gadget a two thumbs up for the ease of preparing eggs in an omelet style via the microwave.  

*Note~ Our fist omelet was prepared following the manufactures instructions, of whisking ingredients together before pouring into the silicone mold, but that process resulted in 3 things to clean measuring cup, whisking tool, and silicon mold. I shorten the cleaning item list to 2 by add and whisking all ingredients together in the silicone mold itself just prior to cooking. 

If you like omelet style eggs and find your morning too busy to deal with “cooking” that requires your undivided attention so you don’t burn the house down, find yourself a Le’Kue’ Omelete mold Stat!

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Sista’s Favorite Kitchen Gadget of the week!




IPAC Inox-Stainless Steel Fresh Herb Mill

It’s time to start jazzing up your marinades, salads, and side dishes with the fabulous flavors of fresh herbs, and produce from local farms! Put the winter recipes away…”Summer Cooking” has officially begun! Think Fresh, Fabulous and Flavorful when preparing meals…This week many CSA Farm Programs kick off their 2014 along with dozens of weekly community Farmers markets throughout the North Shore area.   Because I’m so excited to finally have an abundance of fresh locally grown produce, and herbs at my finger tips for the next several months, I thought I’d feature my IPAC Inox-Stainless Steel Fresh Herb Mill.  This handheld mill is by far the most used kitchen gadget, in my kitchen during the summer months. It’s easy to use, and cuts through herbs with minimal bruising, making pretty flake like cuts that are the perfect size to use to dress up a platted meal with a fresh professional look. 

*Friendly Reminder~ “The Cape Ann Farmers Market” held at Stage Forth Park, begins Thursday June 12 at 3 pm.

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