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Brewing Up Some Glosta Joe’s Perfect Storm Using A Keurig Single Cup Reusable Coffee Filter

At the dock I have a $20 cheapo coffee maker for when I can’t get to The Lone Gull or Cape Ann Coffee or Pleasant St but at the house The Mrs had been hinting that she wanted a Keurig. 

So being the romantic guy I am I bought her one for Christmas and also bought the Reusable K-Cup Coffee filter.  I hadn’t had much luck with coffee I like from those K-Cups and as you all know I’m a huge fan of Gloucester based coffee brewers Glosta Joe’s (no affiliation to me or our business at the dock BTW)  I just really like Misti and Larry’s Perfect Storm coffee.  I should mention you can buy it at Mamie’s Kitchen or The Cave Downtown or on their website www.glostajoes.com

Anyway let it be known that the reusable K-Cup filter worked flawlessly.  No mess, easy cleanup, much less cost per cup of coffee than buying those K-Cups from Keurig and I get to enjoy Glosta Joe’s Perfect Storm or my Starbucks Café Verona when I’m in the mood for something a little more chocolaty and strong.

If you haven’t tried Glosta Joe’s Perfect Storm and like a nice mellow breakfast blend that isn’t trying to kick you in the face, get down to the Cave or Mamie’s Kitchen or order up some online.

I figure after a couple of bags of buying your own coffee and brewing it in the Keurig using the reusable filter you will be saving money over the cost of buying those fairly expensive disposable one use K-Cups.

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Here it is on Amazon