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Our GMG FOB Lidi Sands Submits Fabulous Spotted Salamander Sign of Spring!

imageHello Kim,

I have been enjoying all the spring pictures the FOBs have sent you. We went to Raven’s Wood Park last week to see the Spotted Salamanders & the many different varieties of frogs. They were singing so loudly it was a very cool experience! That is one of our favorite signs that spring is arriving….

Happy Spring

Lidia Sands

Thanks Lidi–we love it! Great work–its not so easy to get a good capture of a Spotted Salamander!!!

GMG FOB Marty Morgan Shares Her Welcome Spring Photo!

Thanks so much Marty for sharing your welcome spring photo–wonderful!!!

Marty writes,

Hi Kim,

My husband leaves the sliding seat from his rowing shell hanging under our back stairs. Some little bird decided it was the perfect place to build her nest.




Simply Gorgeous Spring Flower Photos from Len Burgess

Len Burgess welcomes spring–thank you Len for sharing–just beautiful!

PussyWillowPussy Willow





Send us a photo of your favorite signs welcoming spring. Send photos to me at kimsmithdesigns@hotmail.com. The photo need not be a nature-related image, but of anything!

Seasonal Openings 2011: Part I

This is my pre-seasonal opening post. I request any restaurant, clam shack, or pretty much anything which has been closed for the winter on Cape Ann to post a comment here as to the exact date they will open. Add some extras, how many seasons, what’s on special that first day.

At least one week prior to April 1 I will post an updated list. To wet your appetite I have two conformations of opening days:

Friday, April 1, Topside Grill opens. The dining room is completely renovated but the martinis have not changed. Opening Day party with music by John Jerome. Then Tuesdays are always Oyster night.

Saturday, April 2, Top Dog of Rockport opens for the eleventh season. A clam roll at a picnic table outside. That is my official start of the season. Or a Bad Dog with Chili Cheese Fries.

Those are the only two I have definitive dates. Last year’s announcements included, The Rudder: April 15, The Cupboard: May 6, Popo’s Gourmet Hot Dogs, Nate’s at Front Beach, Surfside Subs on Thacher Road, and Capt Carlo’s all around April 27 with Lobster Pool of Rockport and Lobsta Land both sometime earlier. So is Lobsta Land year round forever now? Don’t you wish all of these places did that?

Signs of Spring, Signs of the coming summer. Mister And Misses Bathroom sign at the Rockport Information booth is my first sign of spring. What’s yours?