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GMG Tribute To Captain Phil Harris- RIP Phil

As many of you fans of the Deadliest Catch know Captain Phil has gone to his resting place.  What some may not have known is that he spent some time in Gloucester.  Here are some photos from his visit-

pics thanks to Leah Lovasco

For all the other pictures and videos from The Deadliest Catch Boys visits to Gloucester you can see them here including pictures and videos with Josh Harris, Andy and John Hillstrand and Sig Hansen

Holy Crabfishermen Jackets Batman!

The Plum Cove School Auction has many items up for bid to help pay for further improvements to it’s playground.  Click This Link To see how much the signed Sig Hansen jacket has bid up to so far-

Thanks Kristen Michel for bringing this to my attention.

View Of The Helm of Clark Sandler’s Sea Farmer II

Here is a view inside the Pilot House of The Sea Farmer II, Clark Sandler’s Gloucester Dragger. Clark was featured on After The Catch series with the skippers of the boats on The Deadliest Catch such as Sig Hansen, John Hillstrand and Phil Harris. Video will be forthcoming.

Plum Cove School Playground Project

Here’s a picture from Kristin Michel of the Plum Cove School Playground project that the Sig Hansen fund raiser helped pay for. Soon the playground equipment will be installed and the kids will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

Sig Hansen- Rockstar!

Sig Hansen- Rockstar!, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Here is Sig walking past the throngs of fans at The Gloucester House Restaurant for the Plum Cove School benefit.

I couldn’t believe how gracious and unrattled he was in the face of so many people treating him like he was a rock star. In Gloucester, he is a Rock Star. He answered questions and then slipped outside to have a smoke and the throngs of people followed him wherever he went.
he rolled right along with it all with humor and humility. A real gentleman.

Pratty’s On Location for After The Catch Taping

Pratty’s is the location that was secured for the taping of “After The Catch” with Gloucester Captains jawing over beers with the skippers from The Deadliest Catch.

Jamie Marshall Introduces Sig

Jamie Marshall Introduces Sig, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Lenny at The Gloucester House put out a great spread for the event which raised money for the children of Plum Cove School.

A family atmosphere pervaded the room out back at The Gloucester House Restaurant.

Sig Hansen in Gloucester

It was a fantastic event.

The man was greeted with rock star status.  Families got together and listened as Sig answered questions and shared laughs.  When he went outside to smoke a cigarette, the throng followed him out and he graciously signed autographs, and took pictures with anyone that wanted one til every last person was happy.  What a great guy, a regular guy,  who took time and supported a cause for the children of Plum Cove School.  Thanks Sig.

Sig Hansen in Gloucester, originally uploaded by captjoe06.