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GloucesterCast 127 With Mike Costello, Kim Smith, Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro #GloucesterMA

GloucesterCast 127 With Guests Mike Costello, Kim Smith, Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro

Topics Include: Shoutout To Earl and Arch for Our Intro Music, Lil Earls, Mike Costello, Kim Smith, Toby Pett, Gilligan, The Atlantics, Mike Costello’s Historic Retirement Party Speech When He Went Ballistic, Bruce Tobey, Waterfront Owners Harbor Planning Group, I4C2, Ramada Inn Project, Jeffrey Cohen, Fuller School, Cape Ann Symphony, Sam Park, Windover, Schooner Festival, Clam Festival, Waterfront Fest, Sidewalk Bazaar, Blackburn Industrial Park, Gortons, Regionalizing the Chamber of Commerce, Mike’s Perspective Of The Chamber Since His Retirement, Joey’s Perspective On the Importance Of The Chamber, Tax Classification, Snow Removal Downtown, Free Parking Tolls Downtown, Downtown Employees Taking Up Downtown Parking Spots, Would The YMCA Be A Great Spot For A Parking Garage?, New Downtown Group Doing Great Job Promoting Themselves, Toodeloos, TBT Post, Pop Gallery, Premier Imprints, Harbor Goods, Where Do You Stand On The Windmills?, Cell Phone Tower In West Gloucester, Solar Incentives, Caciattore’s To Open Doors Saturday at 4 PM Please Show Them Your Support!

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MagnoliaCast Podcast with Guest Randy Oneil and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 8/10/14


MagnoliaCast Podcast with Guest Randy Oneil and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 8/10/14


Topics Include:

Featuring Gloucester Sports Legend Randy Oneil, International Dory Racing, 2014 Magnolia Road Race, www.magnolialibrary.org,The 525,The Village Restaurant, Wenham Train Museum, Halibut Point Chowder, Sidewalk Bazaar, Palazolas Sporting Goods,

Go to www.magnolialibrary.org to register and get in on the Dry Fit shirts for the race before they run out.



Magnolia Road Race Sponsors:
Cape Ann Savings Bank
Jim’s Bakery
Stop & Shop
Machine Tech
Rock the Baby
Innovation House
Freedom Fitness
525 Restaurant
Rooter Man
Cape Ann Auction
O’Hara Industrial Services
Harmony Barre

Gloucester Sidewalk Bazaar No. 56!

The 56th annual Gloucester Sidewalk Bazaar begins at 9 am and is open until 5 pm Thursday, August 7th. It continues again on Friday the 8th and Saturday the 9th. Main Street in Downtown Gloucester is closed to all vehicles, and vendors of all types line the street from Prospect Street to Washington Street. Dance and musical performances take place all day. This is a great event for children and for grown up-bargain hunters. Enjoy! Painting by "Painter Barb," my sister.

The 56th annual Gloucester Sidewalk Bazaar begins at 9 am and is open until 5 pm Thursday, August 7th. It continues again on Friday the 8th and Saturday the 9th. Main Street in Downtown Gloucester is closed to all vehicles, and vendors of all types line the street from Prospect Street to Washington Street. Dance and musical performances take place all day. This is a great event for children and for grown up-bargain hunters. Enjoy! Painting by “Painter Barb,” my sister.

GloucesterCast 08/03/14 With Guest Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro


GloucesterCast 08/03/14 With Guest Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro


Topics Include:

Podcast, GloucesterCast,Joey Ciaramitaro, Bluefin Blowout, Steve Corbett, Chum Cutter, Sidewalk Bazaar, Summer Vortex, Drew Hale, Mile Marker one, Miss Fern, Tuna.Com, Wicked Tuna,

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Fred Bodin Covers The 2013 Sidewalk Bazaar

Sidewalk Bazaar 2013

Thursdays during the Bazaar are usually very slow, but not this one, as you can see. We’re looking to the west toward the end of Main Street.

Too busy to eat but famished, I escaped to Passports up the street. The owner, Eric, was outside serving up lobster rolls, and late in the day they were reduced to $10 from $12. They’re made Joey C. style, with mayo and no or minimal condiments. There was probably a full lobster in this sandwich, and I apologize for eating 1/4 of it before taking a picture. The willpower is weak when you’re hungry. Passports will have them again tomorrow.

Interesting aside: While struggling to remember the correct phrase for “the willpower is weak,” I considered going into Jalapenos to ask, but that might have been kind of weird. But just then, a couple came into the gallery. It was, I found out, Kay Lazor, a reporter for the Boston Globe, and her husband, who voluntarily helps her with editing (he was an editor for the Boston Herald). They thought “willpower” was good, and corrected my usage of commas. I don’t know them, but I realize I need to brush up on my “AP Stylebook” and “Strunk and White’s Elements of Style.” Life is so interesting, and tomorrow will be a zoo on Main Street and in the gallery. I rush forward to meet it. http://www.boston.com/lifestyle/health/blogs/white-coat-notes/2013/07/30/summer-first-batch-mosquitoes-with-eee-found-amherst/zUCgZIuxPt7kIHdPi5kFRK/blog.html

Tomorrow we’ll be open at 9am. Outside we’ll feature Laura Jardullo (left) of the Dress Code with her feathered hair bands, and I’ll have 50 newly (today) arrived pieces of Dave Matthews’ pottery at discounted prices. Photo taken in front of the gallery.

Gloucester Sidewalk Bazaar Photos

Christian Derobert submits-

A couple of pics from the Bazaar

AmbieBazaar 2013GMG 2 copy

Lowell Peabody submits-
North Shore Folklore Theatre Company a Maritime Mystery

At the Sidewalk Bazaar today I spoke with Henry Allen and David Wesson who said they are working on a new children’s stage production for their Summer Stock Theatre Club taking place at the Cape Ann YMCA. They say they are in need of young actors between the ages of 6-12 and will be taking place from August 5 through the 16th. They hope Good Morning Gloucester can help get the word out to aspiring actors! The story is a maritime mystery using all things Gloucester – places, names, old sea stories, etc More information is available at (978) 283-0470 Sounds like fun and from the energy of these actors it will be!


Ran across GMG contributors Charlie Carroll and David Cox today at the Sidewalk Bazaar. Lord I am hoping they were really only comparing the difference of their lens sizes…


You know what they say about these guys with the big lenses right?  Overcompensating for a lack of size somewhere else? Winking smile

More from Lowell-

54th Annual Gloucester Sidewalk Bazaar Thank You’s From Grace Giambanco Numerosi

The 54th Annual Gloucester Sidewalk Bazaar was a success!  Main Street was a hot, happening, fun filled place to be for three days!

I would like to personally thank Linda Palazola of Palazola’s Sporting Goods, Joe Ciolino of The Weathervane and Christine Orlando of Kids’ Unlimited  for their continued dedication to the Gloucester Sidewalk Bazaar.
I can assure you that without the commitment of these folks the Sidewalk Bazaar would not have happen and we would have lost a Gloucester Tradition.  I feel honored to have been part of the event for the last two years.

The summer is always a busy time for everyone, and we would not have been able to have such a great event if it wasn’t for the commitment of this amazing community.  Gloucester should be proud.

I’d like to thank Mayor Carolyn Kirk and especially Jim Duggan who was always willing to help address any concerns, City Clerk, Linda Lowe who guided me through the new permitting process, Mark Cole and Rose LoPiccolo of the DPW- street closing and trash are always hot topics, Food Inspector Rosalie Nicastro,  Deputy Chief Steve Aiello of the Gloucester Fire Department and Lieutenant Joseph Aiello of the Gloucester Police Department both are a pleasure to work with, and of course our financial sponsors: Howard Frisch, of Horvitz & Frisch, p.c., Bank Gloucester,
Cape Ann Savings Bank and Rockport National Bank.

Lastly, but definitely not least are the team of volunteers that helped keep the event running smoothly, manning the streets and providing useful information to visitors with a smile- all for the simple love of Gloucester and a bright yellow t’ shirt:  Mary Howard, Fred Bodin, Janet Robbins, Kettie Maclean, Amber Rose Rallo, Marlania Rallo, Evan Dombrowski, Josie Martell, Jack Brown, Chelsea Osborn, Joanne Marks, Pat & Phil Lambert, John Orlando, Fayette Severance, Nina Ryan Sargent, Julie Titone, Chris from Harbor Goods and Melissa and Bill Cox.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  It was fun!

Grace Giambanco Numerosi
2012 Sidewalk Bazaar Coordinator

For all the 2012 Gloucester Sidewalk Bazaar Coverage click here

Joey may wanna kill me, but . . .

I have to say that, certainly from musical perspective, today’s Festival By The Sea in Manchester is the place to be.  [just a little back-peddling, here] Now that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go to the Sidewalk Bazaar in the morning.  And if you’ve taken my advice (given here) you went on Thursday too.  But I gotta hand it to Festival By The Sea Music Director Chris Langathianos.  He put together a DYNAMITE LINEUP headlined by one of my favorite artists: Chelsea Berry with her HOT new band!  Just in case you missed them at North Shore Music Theatre, watch the video below and then tell me you’d rather be anywhere other than Masconomo Park at 6 tonight — REALLY?

And for later tonight you’ve got another 15 artists and Cape Ann venues to choose from.  WOW! See the full live music lineup here.

Day Three GMG Community Sidewalk Bazaar Live Blog

Send in your photos from The Bazaar and we will post them as I receive them.

For all of you who got Stickas today send in a picture with your sticka and we will post it on the live blog!

send them to goodmorninggloucester@yahoo.com

Click here for Day 1-

Community 2012 Sidewalk Bazaar Live Blog- Send in Your Pics and I’ll Post Em Here

Click here for Day 2-

Day Two GMG Community Sidewalk Bazaar Live Blog

Cape Ann Giclee’s James Eves enjoying the GMG loot his wife brought home from the sidewalk bazaar! –


Cape Ann Giclee!

Mikayla Ciolino Represents!


Erin Avila Gets Friday’s Last Jar


The Girls are on their way to set up with another huge batch of mason jars glasses and iced tea!

Click for the slideshow below-


From Alice Gardner-

Fun to see your family at the GMG Booth! Fantastic iced Tea – perfect! Alice Other pic is my grandson Nate with the Boa.


Budding GMG contributor Grace Giambanco Numerosi reports-

Come support our Students!!
GHS Theater Program, Class of 2013, Class of 2014


Update 9:35AM

The girls barely have finished setting up and sold 25 jars already.  Get down there quick before they sell out for the third straight day!

I also sent down the last few pink and blue GMG T Shirts so those should be available as well as the classic white.

Update 11:31AM

Several people have left tips including Peter Todd.  All tips will be donated to the Pan Mass Challenge.

Only one third of the days inventory is left.  looks like they are headed for a third straight sell out.  get there if you haven’t already

12:56 Update:

One sixth of day three jar inventory left

Bill O’Connor Submits-

B Eats Lemon Slush from Passports


Bill and Melissa Cox Sippin’ and Representin’

Fred Bodin Submits-


1:47PM Update 8 Jars left

2:08PM Update SOLD OUT!

Ed Collard Submits-

Joe Ciolino final customer!


Click for the slide show


GMG at the Sidewalk Bazaar

From this morning while setting up the GMG tent–I arrived at 9:30 while supplies of the GMG drinking cup mason jars made by Sister Felicia and Jill were still abundant. They were going fast…

The eager sales force

Custom made T-shirts for the sales force

Madeline and Eloise exhibiting Joey’s bedazzled greeting cards, bedazzling courtesy of Amanda

Open Door Good Food Farm Kids

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