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The Latest GMG Sticka Unboxing Video With Julie Shewsberry

Huge Thanks To Our Boy Shewsberry! Tremendous Colors on the new ones- and I’m All Out Of The Blue with the pink wing so if you have one of those they are now collectors items.

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Shewsberry Delivers The Latest Greatest Version of The GMG Sticka!

Huge thanks to Shewsberry and Frank Ciolino who produce these for us and to Beth Swan who created our official logo! You voted for the hot pink wing and Shewsberry delivered!!! Girlfriend Julie Does Honors of the Unboxing If you … Continue reading

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OK, Here It Is- The New GMG Sticka Color Poll

You submitted your nominations for the about to be printed new version of the GMG Sticka.  printed by our FOB’s Shewsberry and Frank Ciolino and designed by Beth Swan, so here’s the poll. (and there will be no Rubber Duck … Continue reading

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Shewsberry Has An Idea For The Next Version of The Sticka Color- Ask The Readers For Nominations And Put It To A Vote!

So we are now accepting nominations for colors for the next GMG Sticka! Enter your idea below in the comments to this post and after tomorrow I will create a poll. If you don’t see the word comment below this … Continue reading

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Shewsberry and Brian Do Some Kick Ass Masonry At The Homestead!

Look how smooth that bluestone walkway came out.  Now My brother in law won’t get the wheels on his wheelchair stuck in the grooves thanks to the boys!

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