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So I Head Over To Deliver Lobsters At Cruiseport

2012-06-17 11.11.44

It’s 11:00AM, and there’s only a handful of restaurant patrons but the kitchen is buzzing with about 5 chefs and 10 servers in anticipation of a busy afternoon ahead.  I poke my head into the back prep room and there’s Sheree DeLorenzo head down with her apron on shucking lobsters.  The woman doesn’t stop.  You’d think with a restaurant this big and with a staff that large the owner would be pointing fingers telling the chefs what to do or having her managers telling her chefs what to do, but no.  She’s out back at the sink shucking away with a smile on her face.  The American Workhorse defined.

This is part of what makes a great entrepreneur, a willingness to get your hands dirty and do whatever it takes.  No job is beneath the American entrepreneur.