Devils Island 2: Rogue Written and Directed by GHS Social Studies Teacher Shaun Goulart

Devils Island 2: Rogue is the follow up to the 2012 film Devils Island. Again written and directed by GHS Social Studies teacher Shaun Goulart, the sequel picks up where the first one left off. DI2 has many recurring roles mostly played by Gloucester natives as well as some new local faces.

When Jeffrey Taylor (Nick Decoulos) has discovered his wife has gone missing, he goes to the extremes to find her, even meeting up with an old nemesis in Trent Goodrich (Shaun Goulart). Taylor is accompanied in his efforts by his best friend Scott (Bobby Hopkins), Detective Ellis (Frank Militello), Sheriff Jackson (Frank Develis) and a disgruntled police officer (Bo Cleary).

Due out in 2015.

Bob Tibert and the Rockport Police Dept, Chief Leonard Campanello and the Gloucester Police Dept, Lisa Smith and Cape Ann TV, Paul St. Germain and the Thacher Island Association and all the rest of the locations for donating their time and space. And a very special thank you as well to the cast and crew for volunteering their time and making the project a success, it couldn’t have been possible without their efforts.

Cape Ann TV Annual Special tonight 10:30 on Channel 12

Last month we told you about Cape Ann TV’s Annual Meeting, which they filmed and it airs as a special tonight at 10:30 p.m. Channel 12.

“Why would I want to watch an annual meeting?” you ask.  Well, this is not your average annual meeting.  It’s fun.  Allen Estes and I were among 4 producers who talked briefly about our experiences and showed clips from our shows (Local Music Seen in our case).  The other producers were Kim Smith who wowed us with clips from her spectacular butterfly movie that premieres Friday at Cape Ann Community Cinema (more on that here); Shaun Goulart, who’s tale of how he came to make his thriller is almost a thrilling as the movie itself; and John Ronan, who has the longest running show on Cape Ann TV and offered us a wonderful surprise in his clips.  Here’s a taste of what you’ll see:

If you miss it tonight, you can catch it again Saturday 6/22 at 5pm and Monday 6/24 at 9pm.

One of the things Allen talked about is how the music scene in Gloucester and Cape Ann is growing.  Proof that he’s right can be witnessed this weekend with over 50 live shows to choose from starting tomorrow.  See the complete live music schedule here.

Devils Island From Shaun Goulart


Hello Joe,

Devils Island is Gloucester High School history teacher Shaun Goulart’s second film he has written which is the sophomore film to his 2009 effort, romantic comedy "In a Weeks Time". Devils Island began being written in February of 2009 and was ready to begin shooting in July 2010. This is Goulart’s second film but his directorial debut as the director of the first film could not direct due to a scheduling conflict. The shooting was on and off for a year and a half until the final scenes were shot at Cape Ann TV studios in January 2012. The film was shot all around Cape Ann most notably on Thachers Island which is the main setting for the film and fictitious "Devils Island".
Goulart’s film resume includes acting in many independent films as well as being an extra in such films as "Mall Cop", "Grown Ups", and "The Proposal" to name a few.
Devils Island was inspired by such films as Heat and Public Enemies which has the direct good vs. evil premise. The plot of Devils Island is based on a character named Jeffrey Taylor (played by Danvers native Nick Decoulos) an unemployed writer who is trying to save his relationship with Brianna (Caralyne Fondulis). Taylor takes a job on Devils Island as an assistant caretaker working alongside Trent (Shaun Goulart). All is fine until a life threatening discovery leaves Jeff in danger and fearing for his life stranded on the island.
The film has a laundry list of characters many played by local actors. Notable people include YMCA’s Rick Doucette, Gloucester High School teachers Rich Francis and Ed Reid, a handful of high school students and the late Mitch Cohen.
Cohen who passed away in October 2010 (2 months after shooting his footage) was an integral part of the film, playing a substantial character as well as lending his personal office for a scene. Mitch was very sick during the shooting of the film (unknowingly to himself or anyone else) and truly put a lot of effort into his role. He traveled out to the island in rainy rocky seas, spent the day in the raw weather and never once complained even while being asked to climb ladders and lay on the rocks.
After a three year journey, the film was finished with special thanks to many but most notably Andrew Love, Lisa Smith and all of the great folks at Cape Ann TV. They supplied all of the equipment, editing space and training. This film truly could not be completed without the tireless efforts of Love and Smith; they were a true joy to work with. The Thachers Island Association also was very accommodating while we were shooting on the island. It’s a beautiful place and really a hidden gem. This film really highlights how picturesque the island really is. Essex native and musician Jeff Fraser lent music to the film, and Ralph Oliver Jr was the necessary transportation of the cast and crew to get back and forth to the Rockport island everyday of shooting.

The film opened at the Gloucester Cinema to a packed house on Wednesday May 9th  warranting a second showing of the film. The second showing is on Wednesday June 6, 2012 at 7:30pm at the Cape Community Cinema on 21 Main Street in Gloucester above the Mystery Train. Half the door will go to the upstart Gloucester High School filmmakers club that GHS history teachers Shaun Goulart and Rich Francis are establishing.

For tickets go to http://capeanncinema.wordpress.com/