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Cathy Tarr At Cape Ann Lanes For Cape Ann Beer and Blog Event

Bowling is fun.  As Cathy said to me last night- Once you are there and bowling everyone has a great time!


Cathy Tarr At Cape Ann Lanes, originally uploaded by captjoe06.


Mary At Cape Ann Lanes

Sharon and David Cox At Cape Ann Lanes

David Cox and His Pretty Pink Bowling Shoe Laces

Mike Foley Reacts After Bowling A Sub Par Frame

I regret that I have no picture of Brainfix.  Boo Joey

It’s a pain in its own little way!

Everywhere I see this mistake. I’m no grammar expert, but I know my it’s and its! I notice it in newspapers, magazines,articles-all over!

“It’s” is the contraction of “it is”, and “its” is ownership. For example- “It’s going to rain” means it is going to rain.

“The weather and its effects will determine if we have the party or not.”  This “its” is like “his” or “her” except with objects.

Just a little annoyance.     —Sharon

Now I’ll really have to watch my dangling participle! Heehee

Sharon Represents!

Here’s the Birthday girl!  We celebrated with a cake for Sharon for her 60th birthday at the first ever Cape Ann Blogapalooza.  The event was a great success with about 25 or so local webmasters/bloggers/nerworking folks who came out, had a couple adult beverages,  shared ideas and a few laughs as well.  More on Blogapalooza and where we go from here in upcoming posts.

Sharon Represents!, originally uploaded by captjoe06.