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Artist Debbie Clarke works part time at Bananas Vintage Clothing, Assesories and just some great interesting Stuff Store. She will also Have some of her Artwork on display there during the Sidewalk Bazaar. While down there this weekend Check out Deb’s Art and the Bananas Store. Below is an example of Deb’s Art you will see.

"Beacon Marine" from Rocky Neck oil 24"x30"

Beacon Marine viewed from Rocky Neck.  This is an oil painting of the view from our old apartment on Rocky Neck.  The apartment was smaller than this one, but i sure got a lot of painting done in that space.  My struggle was to get the color, activate the picture plane and make the ‘box’ of the building.  The box is successful.  It was a real struggle to understand the activity below the doc and putting the boats on the plane of the water.  The painting is oil on canvas 24×30″.   copyright Clarke 2007 
(wow, seems like just yesterday)
inquiries about this painting and others always welcomed.

Paul Morrison Eaten By A Shark Photoshop Contest Poll

It’s rather unfortunate that Paul didn’t get eaten by a Great White as that would have made some great Blog material and I’m sure our viewership would have greatly increased.  But I guess the sharks weren’t all about eating the monkeybread lined intestines as I thought they would have been.

Vote for your fave in the poll below.

Beth Swan’s entry-

Paul, a Kitten, and a Shark


Our Chum Paul Sent In By Jim Hughs


Old Hippie’s Submission-


My Submission- Oh Shit!