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Shark Week II Gloucester MA Harbor South Channel

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Video- When the catch becomes the bait….

Forwarded by Bill O’Connor Enjoy! ~Bill O’Connor North Shore Kid

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Correction- Basking Shark Jason Bolcome Photographs Great White Shark Off Of Rockport and GMG Has The Pics

I am Jason Bolcome, I was flying around Gloucester in my piper warrior when I heard over the radios information about a great white shark off rockport. I went back to beverly airport and picked up my friend Paul Beaulieuj … Continue reading

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Fishy money

I got a book of dollar bill origami by Won Park. It includes some sea life models.  This shark is the first design I have tackled from the book. The shark tank was one of my favorite parts of Seaworld, … Continue reading

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Origami sea life

Guess who got a book on origami sea creatures for Christmas? Appropriate for someone living in a fishing port. I got folding right away. These are both “first tries” for me with these models; I hope to do them better … Continue reading

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Shark At The Breakwater Pic From Rob Bouchie- Shark ID Requested

Hey Joey, I had my college buddies up for the weekend, we took a walk down the breakwater on Sunday, (a cold Dale’s Pale Ale in hand) and about halfway down we saw this approx. 5.5′~7.0′ (solo, juvenille?) shark.  Some … Continue reading

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Want The Coolest Desktop Screen Ever? Check Out The Discovery Channel’s Sharkweek Live Feed

Click on the live video below and then make it fill up your screen by clicking this in the bottom right hand corner of the video- It is the live view of the Ocean Voyager exhibit at the Georgia Aquarium, … Continue reading

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Paul, a Kitten, and a Shark

Sorry Paul, but the hair was too awesome to not accentuate! Here you go Fearless Leader: Ta Da!

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