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Zip Zip Hooray to Gloucester!

TheFox 25 Zip Trip to Gloucester flowed beautifully and was so well-organized by the Zip Trip Team. The challenges of producing live television are many and, I imagine, ten times more demanding when broadcasting from a different Massachusetts town each week. All went perfectly; seemingly without a hitch. The newscasters were inundated with fans and gifts, the producers countless hurdles, and all the while the cameramen were trying to film in an open setting dodging everyone who was running in and out. Despite these many challenges, the newscasters and production team were gracious, considerate, professional, and patient. Thank you Sarah Unis and the Fox 25 Zip Team for visiting Gloucester!

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Good Morning Gloucester Team, from left to right: Felicia, Donna, Melissa, Ed, Joey, Amanda, BJ, Pat, with Ron center front.

Making Sista Felicia’s to-die-for-amazingly-delicious-homemade-ricotta doughnuts

VB, Gloucester’s Own Fox 25 Producer Sarah Unis, and her Dad Joe Unis

Gene Lavanchy and fan

Mayor Kirk and Producer Sarah Unis

Donna, Sista Felicia, Joey, and BV ~ where Joey explains to VB the perfect lobster roll.

VB looks skeptical!

Joe was asked to represent Gloucester in the live trivia segment. He did beautifully, or as he would say, “Boom, we nailed it!”

Sista Felicia, Joey, VB, Gene Lavanchy

Shannon Mulaire and Gene Lavanchy

John McElhenny from Matter Communications and Donna

Cindy Fitzgibbon and fans

Mayor Kirk and VB

Gloucester’s CFO Jeffrey Towne and Cindy Fitzgibbon

Future newscasters

BJ Mohan taking a break after the early morning (4am) set-up.

Sarah Unis

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