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Cut Out Stern on The Dog and I vs Setting Table On The Stanley Thomas

Johnny Doc Herrick has lobster traps all ready to launch off the stern as lobster season is getting under way.  If you notice the stern of the Dog and I is cut out level with the deck of the boat.  Some guys like open sterns and others have closed sterns on which they build setting tables.  The ones with setting tables like the Stanley Thomas slide the traps down the rail of the boat and set them off teh setting table.  the ones with the cut out sterns set the traps off of teh deck of the boat.

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Peter Mondello Making A New Setting Table

Here’s Pete Mondello and Billy working on a new setting table for the Allison Carol.

When Pete hauls his ten pot trawls he will stack the pots along that setting table after they have been re-baited and then he will set the traps off the back of this “setting table”