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September 2012 Block Party From Fred Bodin


It was really crowded all night long on Main Street, as usual for a Block Party.


So many people came into my gallery that I lost count, perhaps between 100 to 150 folks. On the lower right is a display of free samples of hand-made Gloucester soaps. We sell them here, and there are a few left. All natural ingredients. The soaps have unique and interesting names, and my favorite is Dirty Clammer.


I got to escape from the gallery for a few minutes, and went to the POP Galley, my wonderful friends and neighbors. [real reason – we ran out of wine, so I had to beg for some, and POP obliged with a bottle of bubbly]. It was a thirsty, fun-loving, and interesting crowd. My bad news is that it’s almost midnight and I’ll be opening early tomorrow for the cruise ship Eurodam,  arriving in the morning, and to clean up the party debris. But I do love it!  Sadly, the next planned event for Downtown is for Ladies’ Night in early December (two and a half months away), and after December, nothing from January 1st until Fiesta, in late June (that’s almost six months!). Give me a break! We should have something like a Block Party every month of the year. The West End shops will make that happen.

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Video- 2011 September GMG Old Cuban Cigar and Folly Cove Rum Sail Aboard The Thomas E Lannon

Filmed With My Cheapo $79 Kodak Playsport Zx3 and using the Kayalu nClamp.

Some points about taking video-

The more steady you can hold your camera, the more pleasing the resulting video will be.  One way to accomplish this is holding your camera very steady.  You need to be very conscious of framing your shot properly and keeping the camera steady.  the much easier way is to use a tripod, or mount.  Using a mount or tripod there is no camera shake and your results will look immeasurably better than if you try to hand hold the camera.

Obviously carrying a huge tripod around can be cumbersome and you all know my feelings on being able to keep your camera gear on you to be able to capture the shots as they happen.  So many times a tripod is not going to be the answer.

The manfrotto modopocket which screws right into the universal camera mount and folds flush with the bottom of my camera is my number one camera accessory that I feel can help any photographer achieve much better results, especially with poor light (with good light photography is a snap, you just point and shoot and you don’t have to worry about camera shake because the time the lens will be open is so much shorter).

But for this application I used the kayalu nClamp with the toughbar extension.  Literally I screwed the Kodak Playsport Zx3 onto the Toughbar and clamped it onto a bolt that was attached to the mast, framed the shot and pressed record.  In this way I could sit back and enjoy the company on the boat and we got a nice video capturing the scene.