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Wild and Woolly Waves at Brace Cove After Friday’s Storm

 Brace Rock on the left with ginormous waves crashing onto the path behind the retreat. I estimate the trees on the right to be about 20-25  feet in height. ~ Click  photos to view larger. Seagulls and Buffleheads Brace Cove … Continue reading

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Gull identification link from good pal Steve Borichevsky

Hi Joey, Because I lived on The Fort for six years, I’ve seen a few gulls in my day. Depending on the species, gulls have up to four plumage types as they mature, plus they change from breeding plumage to … Continue reading

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Cape Ann Seagulls

Although ubiquitous where ever we turn, I was curious about the several different species that are often observed fishing and feeding together at dawn. The flocks of seagulls that we see on Cape Ann at this time of year are typically … Continue reading

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Seagulls guide the Lannon on Starboard side

Thomas E. Lannon

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Seagulls Flock for Photo Opportunity at Good Harbor Beach

I believe they were coaxed with some food.

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Sea Gull Crashes into Cape Ann Brewery

A seagull crashes into  Cape Ann Brewery’s awning, but by the time I finished my beer he/she was on it’s feet ready to find a parked car somewhere in Gloucester.

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Shannon Koening Has Some Nice Things To Say

Hi Joey C, It’s not a Gloucester seagull, but these photos are pretty cool.  You can decided if they’re blog-worthy. I’ve had to enjoy Nemo through GMG since I’m out in Chicago for a death in the family.  Really appreciated the lovely … Continue reading

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Good Harbor and the Great Blue Heron

Notes on Good Harbor Beach November Sunrise One morning in late November I followed the elusive Great Blue Heron up and down the length of the salt marsh creek while a stunning sunrise unfolded in the background. The dance of … Continue reading

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Homie and the missus enjoy the sunrise

From the sunrise last Friday. – Fr. Matthew Green

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Homies on the Blvd.

      Homies flyin high on the Boulevard. ~Alicia

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What You Lookin’ At!

  What You Lookin’ At!

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Sea Gulls Look Left and Right Before they Fly

A Silly Post

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What Up Homies?

click to enlarge

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The Captain Novello

I took a little liberty with the editing to make it look like an old postcard. Didn’t add those seagulls in but to me they look too perfect and I wouldn’t blame someone for thinking that I did.  Love the … Continue reading

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What Up Homie?

What Up Homie?, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

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Seagulls Fight For Herring Scraps Video

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