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Super Lazy Paul Prudhomme’s Native Maine Shrimp

You can look up a recipe for Paul’s Barbecue Shrimp which has cayenne pepper, black pepper, salt, crushed red pepper, thyme leaves, rosemary leaves, oregano leaves and it is fun to get those all fresh.  When you have the time it’s a great recipe. With the Worcestershire Sauce, the beer, and the butter, there nothing better than to soak up the juice with some french bread while eating the shrimp.

But let’s shortcut the lazy way.

1) Go to Intershell and get two pounds of native shrimp with the head on.

2) While there pick up Paul Prudhomme’s Cajun Spice. (Boy that saved a ton of time right there.)

You also need a stick of butter, a tablespoon of Worcestershire Sauce, tablespoon of minced garlic and a bottle of beer. But that’s already in the fridge, right?

3) Rinse shrimp and drain well. Do not even take the heads off unless you have squeamish kids. Behead some of them for the tots but leave plenty of heads on so that shrimp fat is in the pan.

4) Large skillet, stick of butter medium high until melted.

5) Add a tablespoon (more if no kids) of the cajun spice, garlic and the Worcestshire sauce.

6) Add the shrimp and switch to high heat.

7) Shake those shrimp (do not stir) for two minutes.

8) While shaking drink bottle of beer.  (Note to self. Find another way to make a list besides close parenthesis as an “8” and a “)” turns into a little dude with sunglasses on. He does not look out of place  though …)

9) Since you drained the bottle open another one and drink until half cup of beer is left and pour over shrimp.

10) Shake the pan one minute longer.

Remove from heat and serve with french bread. Make sure you bring everything from the pan in a bowl to the table so you can soak up the juice with some french bread or get a loaf of Ciabatta Bread from Shaws. An empty bowl in the middle of the table for the shells and not much of a clean up unless you drank too much beer. Just use a hose.