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Beautiful Beat Up Old Shell Slide Show

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This shell was sitting along the side of the building right next to the ladder where Pete Mondello ties up his boat.  I must have walked past it a hundred times.  But this particular time I took that extra second to stop and appreciate it’s beauty.  There is beauty all around us and all it takes is for us to slow down just a little bit and recognize how lucky we are to have all this natural charm surrounding us.  So much so that we practically trip over it every single day.

Sharon stopped down the dock last weekend and while I was busy and wished I had more time to talk to her, there were boats coming and going.  During the little time we had to talk though she told me that she was having a hard time because she’s been extremely busy and hasn’t been able to come up with ideas for her daily posts.  I understand how people’s lives get busy and sometimes we get so focused on what we have to do in our daily lives just to get through that we only focus on the mundane tasks of chores and errands and work.  But in there I’m telling you there is beauty.  A shell on the walkway- a flower in bloom- a boat heading out to sea- a community event- a fantastic meal-a child’s smile-a baseball being struck-it’s everywhere.

I hear it from our other contributors too, that they have a difficult time coming up with ideas for content for the blog.  I must be gifted because as long as I’m in town, coming up with content for the blog is never a problem for me.  It just comes natural.  It’s as easy as walking out the door with my camera, slowing down just a tiny bit and opening my eyes.  Boom- there’s a post.

Beautiful Beat Up Old Shell, originally uploaded by captjoe06.