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A pile of bones and animal parts were found by the East Gloucester neighborhood kids on Niles Beach Sunday. We are wondering if one of our readers could help us identify what we are looking at here. Thank you 🙂

1- copyright Kim SmithThere were several of these starry shaped things and this is the largest one. There is some kind of cartilage base from which they extend.

copyright Kim SmithThis is hard and and thin. We were holding up to the light but the sun had gone down. It was somewhat translucent when earlier the light had been shining through it.

As a Boob Guy and A Man In The Seafood Business I’ve Never Been So Turned Off By Women’s Undergarments In My Entire Life


Rachelauren Somers forwards this photo spread from Juxtapoz Art and Culture Magazine

Monday January 23, 2012

In response to the over-arching presence of porn-industry aesthetics and plastic surgery perfection in today’s culture of beauty, Laura Jacobs has created a collection of awesomely outlandish nautical-themed bras, exotic aquatic shrines to the power of breasts. Equal parts silly and sexy, these bras directly reflect the duality and often circus-like nature of society’s perceptions and treatment of female sexuality.

Blah blah blah blah blah, to see the other pictures of sea life undergarments at Juxtapoz click here

They call it “Erotica Under the Cup”.

I’ll tell you one thing, some broad whips off her top to expose a lobster/crab claw bra covering up her naughty bits and I’m heading for the hills.