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Dinner on the Annisquam Bridge From Fred Bodin

The forecast wasn’t great for the Annisqaum Sea Fair’s Dinner on the Bridge: Severe Flood Warning with Heavy Rain and Thunder Storms. Nevertheless, we packed our rain gear with the wine and bug spray, hopped in the Jeep, and hoped for the best. We found light rain and stalwart locals lined up at the serving table, determined to get their dinners, support a good cause, and enjoy the final event of the 166th Annisquam Sea Fair.


Roy Moore’s Fish Shack catered the dinner. It started raining more heavily, but the staff didn’t break stride in serving up the food, which included fresh corn on the cob and potato salad, with either chicken or lobster.


When Janet and I sat down at a choice but wet table, I took a photo of my plate in front of the fantastic view of Lobster Cove. Fresh picked flowers and a fisherman added to sense of place – the feeling of being in Annisquam and on the island called Cape Ann.


I hadn’t even started on my lobster when fisherman Rick Taylor’s rod bend down to the water from a big bite. After a few minutes, he reeled in a large striped bass. Gloucester’s Tina Greel assisted in landing the fish, as she and her husband Terry (in the background eating corn on the cob) had tied up there on their boat.


The striper measured 34 inches – a beautiful fish! Rick generously gave the fish to Tina and Terry. Oh yeah, my lobster dinner was still hot and tasty, and the wine was cold and delicious. Rain? I didn’t even notice. What an incredible place we have here! It rains on your dinner, a large fish is caught 20 feet from your table, everyone is so friendly, and it’s a birthday night I’ll never forget.


The Annisquam Sea Fair’s Dinner on the Bridge: Next year, I’m in!

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Dorymaster Race Results From Jimmy T

It was a gorgeous summer day for the 1st Annual Dorymaster Solo Races.
Thanks to the help of Skip Levielle towing the boats over to Annisquam,
the races went off right on schedule. There were 6 competitors in all (4
men and 2 women) competing for the Dorymasters Cup trophy on the 1/2
mile course, which starts on the north side of the footbridge, goes up
deep into Lobster Cove to turn the flags and return to the finish line
near the footbridge.

As race time drew near, throngs of rowing fans crowded the footbridge.
The first race featured experienced Jim Tarantino against new-comer Dave
Buchanan. In an effort to show good-sportsmanship, Tarantino gave way on
the starting line to allow for plenty of berth. Once the starting gun
went off, it was no longer a friendly race, as Buchanan got the early
lead. Halfway to the flags, Tarantino was able to pull even, but try as
he might he couldn’t shake Buchanan, who impressed with a beautiful long
stroke. But the inexperience of Buchanan hurt him, a superior turn and
quicker rate of the old fox Tarantino on the way home, into a strong
westerly wind, gave Jimmy T. the victory in 6:11:28. Dave Buchanan
finished with a  respectable 6:47:28.

The second race featured two International Dory Champions. Erik
Dombrowski vs. Katherine Richmond. Dombrowski crowded Richmond at the
starting line, determined to get every advantage possible. The gun went
off and these two fierce competitors shot off the starting line like
rockets! Both excellent course keepers, they made the turning flags in
good time, but Dombrowski’s extra weight in the boat gave him the
advantage coming home into the wind. Receiving tremendous encouragement
from the Committee boat at the start line,  Erik finished strong with a
great time of 6:11:50. Katherine Richmond had the best womens time of
the day with 6:50:66.

The westerly winds increased, creating difficult conditions for the
final heat. Damon Cummings and Gina Lampassi got off to a great start
but several times down the course the wind got hold of their sterns and
turned them sideways, making it hard to get an even pull for boatspeed.
Once Gina got her bow to the wind she used her experience to keep a
perfect course on the way home, finishing in 7:09:50. Damon had a tough
course coming home into the heavy winds, but pulled out a time of 8:01:40.

Thanks to all the competitors and supporters who helped to make this
event fun and successful. Laurel Tarantino worked the Committee table
and seasoned veteran Jack Sultan, a legendary Dory rower, came out to
lend support and advise to the competitors. Scouts in the dory world
have seen Sultan working hard in the dories with fellow legend Mike
Cody, and the buzz is they may be competing in the Masters Division in
James A. Tarantino, President
International Dory Race Committee