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Poll: Sclafaini’s Pizza- Corner Slice vs Side Slice vs Middle Slice

In the office at the dock and Jimmy Jaws shows up (jimmy Jaws got his name Jaws because he never shuts up).  He comes out with the statement- “$5 for 4 slices, best deal in town.”

I ask where he was talking about and he says Sclafanis.   Hard to argue with but what surprised me was the statement from Frank who says “Gotta go corner slices.”

To my thinking I’ve always gone with a side slice so you have a little crust edge to hold on to. When you go corner it’s like you get less cheese and sauce, no?  I never even contemplated going corner unless it was the last slice on the tray.

What’s your play when you go to Sclafani’s for a 9AM slice?



Note: no image of corner slice, just because, well IMO the star of the pizza is the sauce and cheese, to take away that critical pizza mass in exchange for crust just doesn’t make sense IMO.  You gotta be an all out crust fanatic to go corner.


Sclafani’s does it again

Having just gotten back from vacation, I don’t have much food in my fridge, so today I went across the street to grab a sandwich from Sclafani’s (49 Washington St.) for lunch. It’s only the second time since I moved here (I don’t eat out often when I’m alone).

I got a small turkey sandwich with provolone and all the toppings except hots (lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, mayo, oil with spices…). As you can see from the photo, “small” isn’t exactly tiny – more than enough for someone like me. The meat and cheese were freshly cut, and the veggies tasted fresh and were not at all wilted or soggy. Of course, the bread was also fresh and delicious! And it only came to $4.28, which is a great price for a sandwich that filled me up! Granted, I usually have a small appetite, so a small sandwich might not be enough for everyone, but the “large” is only a little more expensive, and the quality is great. It seems to have been a while since Sclafani’s got any significant GMG love, but from my experience, they sure deserve it!

They are open Mon – Sat: 8:00 am – 2:00 pm.

Matthew Green

Paul Morrison’s Warm Up Omelet At Passports

Paul sensing he was in for a long day of work helping erect the Lobster Trap Tree went all in on this omelet at Passports.


I maintain that Passports has the best homefries in Gloucester. 

Some of my other favorite Gloucester breakfast’s

Crab Cakes Bene at Sugar Mag’s- my #1 Gloucester Breakfast

Best Homefries- Passports

Breakfast Boats- Georges Coffee Shop or Anadama French Toast

Sclafani’s Pizza at 9:00AM

Apple Cider Donuts –Willow Rest

Pleasant St Tea and Coffee Co Egg/Goat Cheese/Pest Croissant

Lone Gull Café Americano with a toasted sesame bagel

Cape Ann Coffee Egg/sausage croissant

Last Stop Variety Blueberry Muffins

Charlie’s Place Fried Dough