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Breaking News From Sclafani’s Bakery




Mark your Calendar & Set you cellphone alert for Monday morning March 31, 2015! Just received word  from an employee of Sclafani’s Bakery, that starting Monday morning they will be taking orders for their famous freshly made  Cartocci, Lobster Tails, Cannoli, and Ricotta Pies, for next weekends Easter Celebrations!. 


Brother Joey and I have posted numerous times about brothers Frank and Gus Sclafani’s delectable hand crafted “Ricotta Cartocci.” We both agree, that the Sclafani’s  brothers Cartocci are by far the best Cartocci sold in town!


Every Saturday morning my twins, husband, St. Barry and mother Pat, look forward to enjoying a freshly made Italian pastry from the Sclafani’s Bakery. This year it’s been requested they be added to our Easter Brunch menu. Over the past several months, this Italian Donut’s popularity has grown to sell out by 10:30 am each Saturday morning.  Knowing this fact, first hand after leaving the bakery a few times empty handed, I decided to inquire about pre ordering a dozen for our families Easter Brunch next weekend. While inquiring this morning while shopping for Easter basket fillings, I asked if they would be willing to extend a pre order option for Cartocci to their customers and general public this holiday season. Without hesitation Frank agreed! 


The Sclafani borthter’s Cartocci are usually sold “Saturdays Only,” in limited supply. Take advantage of this opportunity for next weekend. Call your Easter orders in before next Friday. 

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If your planning a Easter Brunch, lunch or Dinner, or invited out for any of the above, I highly recommend calling in an order bright and early Monday morning for one of  Sclafani’s delicious handmade pastries. All will be freshly prepared and awaiting your pickup next Saturday! 


Trust me… your guests will be licking their dessert plates clean!

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Monday Sista Felicia shares an Easter Basket filled with products she uses often, sold at Sclafani’s Bakery. One product included is a childhood favorite. Look for the Sista Dish post Monday to learn what that childhood favorite is! 

Call Sclafani’s Bakery  to Place your Easter Orders

49 Washington Street, Gloucester Ma. 01930

 Phone #1-978-283-6622

Cartocci $2.50 each

Lobster tail  $2.50 each

Cannoli $1.75 each

Ricotta Pie $12.99 each

Italian Cookies $5.99 per lb.