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The Picton Castle On The Gloucester Adventure Webcam and From The Opposite View Out Of Kathy Chapman’s Window

Click On The www.gloucesterwebcam.com website under attractions and you will find the Schooner Adventure webcam where the Picton Castle is currently tied up.image

Kathy Chapman writes-

Shot this picture of the Picton Castle out my window this morning. Marty Luster posted details yesterday as she entered the harbor..



Photo © Kathy Chapman 2012


Logs from Hog Island for the Schooner Adventure

Photos From Len Burgess

Feb. 27, 2012
Harold Burnham with Steve and Bruce are towing rough-cut logs back to Harold’s Essex Shipbuilding yard to be made into spars and gaffs for the Schooner ‘Adventure’. Harold and crew had cut and trimmed trees down last week on Hog island for the project.

–Len Burgess

Harold&Skiff 2-12_0684Harold&Skiff2-12_0688Harold&Skiff2-12_0691Harold&Skiff2-12_0694

Check out the Schooner Adventure Website Here and their live webcam here where you can see it at it’s berth at the East Gloucester Marine Railways.